Thank You America! Goya Gets Boost Amid Controversy


When are the Democrats going to learn? The moment they decide to boycott a brand because of what a CEO says, it comes back to bite them. Really, to ask for a boycott of any brand during a downturned economy is shameful, but that’s the Dems for you.

Rather than Goya seeing a decline in sales, just the opposite has happened.

Once the CEO of Goya Foods praised President Trump, two things happened.

Dems across the country lost their minds, calling for a boycott.

Republicans across the country retaliated with a buy-cott, asking people to spend $10 buying Goya canned foods to donate to a local food bank.

Mark Levin, the Fox News host, tweeted about buying Goya foods, too. He’s had over 49,000 likes to his tweet.

Robert Unanue, one of the top executives with Goya has said that the boycott was a “suppression of speech.”

That’s what the Dems don’t seem to realize. They want access to all of their constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and freedom to protest. They just don’t want everyone to have those same rights. As soon as someone says something against them, they want to respond with a boycott. The boycotts prevent people from saying what they want to say for fear of retaliation.

Meanwhile, Goya Foods has chosen to stand up to the bullies. The CEO has announced that he will not be apologizing for his praise of President Trump. Instead, he stands behind his words.

As a result of holding his ground, several things have happened.

Goya Foods sales have gone up.

Food banks around the country have been given the much-needed re-stock that they’ve been asking for.

Dems have realized that their bullying tactics don’t always work.

One Virginia resident, Casey Harper, was inspired to give back to the community with the Goya Foods controversy. A GoFundMe to buy Goya products for some of the different food pantries was started. The goal was $10,000 – and as of right now, that goal has been blown out of the water with over $65,000 raised.

Harper seems to hit the nail on the head: “I’m not surprised we have raised so much because people are tired of having to walk on eggshells in political discourse,” Harper told FOX Business. “Also, Americans are fundamentally generous people so a chance to feed the hungry and stand up to cancel culture was an easy win.”

Goya Foods has not wanted to be outdone by the generosity of its fans, either. They have given over two million pounds of food away to food banks across the United States for those who have been impacted by COVID-19.

The boycotts have been loud, with even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling to boycott the company. As a Hispanic woman, one would think she’d want to lift up Goya, since they’re Hispanic-owned. That’s not the case, though.

Luckily, the company and its fans are even louder.

Robert Unanue said that the boycott is a “reflection of a division that exists today in our country” while also noting that it’s killing the country. For a Congresswoman to even suggest that a US-based company be boycotted is disgusting. Goya Foods keeps the economy local, provides hundreds of jobs, pays its taxes, and is generous with its profits. As a member of congress, AOC shouldn’t even be allowed to call for a boycott. She doesn’t realize that she’s responsible for helping the country to split apart – or perhaps she does, and this has been her plan all along.

Unanue has made it clear: “We’re with the president. We’re with this country ⁠— right, left, center, up and down.”

We need more companies like this. We need companies to come forward and say that they’re with the country, regardless of which direction it turns. Too many people want to be responsible for driving the direction instead of simply supporting it.

Goya Foods has the claim of being the largest Hispanic-owned food label in the United States. They should be the one to bring peace to the country.