The Dems’ New Normal: Deblasio Installs Checkpoints Around NYC to Prevent Travelers From Entering


Mayor Bill De Blasio has been laying waste to New York City for a long time now but his latest plans are bound to destroy this great city once and for all. A new travel crackdown was announced by the mayor and those who are looking to travel to New York City will need to pass through certain checkpoints. Fines of up to $10,000 are going to be levied against anyone who decides to break the rules.

The two week quarantine rule has been established and de Blasio plans on enforcing it strictly. If the travelers are hailing from one of the 35 high risk states or visiting from Puerto Rico, they must remain indoors for at least two weeks. The same rules apply to anyone who is flying into a New York City airport. Those who try to bypass the forms at the airport will be fined up to $2,000.

Major tunnel and bridge crossings are going to be monitored. The mayor claims that he does not want to penalize anyone but all of these rules say otherwise. “We want to educate them, we want to make sure they’re following the rules,” said the mayor. “The important thing is the checkpoints are going to send a very important message that this quarantine law is serious,” he added.

Tucker Carlson took aim at the mayor during yesterday’s show and he said what a lot of us are thinking. There is nothing about these measures that is remotely constitutional. Mayors like him believe that everything they say is law but in reality, they are bypassing all of the protocols that have been put into place to keep local leaders from becoming too power-hungry.

President Trump elected to allow states and cities to come up with plans that are specifically tailored to their individual concerns. While some states are rising to the occasion, others are allowing their mayors and governors to lead them down the wrong path. What is de Blasio going to do when the business owners of New York City are forced to leave because of the lack of revenue and inability to protect themselves from looters?

He hasn’t offered any sort of plan for what he is going to do to replace their lost revenue. Instead, he is making sure that the protesters and rioters are given carte blanche to destroy the city. He should be grateful that any tourists are even willing to set foot in his deranged city at the moment. De Blasio cannot afford to chase any tourism dollars away.

With this measure, that is exactly what he is going to do. Anyone who was thinking about visiting this summer is certainly going to think twice. At this point, we do have one theory as to why things are getting so ridiculous: the Democrats are hoping that Trump will decide to intervene. This would allow them to drag him through the mud even more than they already have.

De Blasio’s rhetoric about wanting people to follow the rules is especially hilarious when you stop to think about his mentality towards public displays. He was perfectly fine with allowing people to draw up their BLM murals on the streets and no one needed to follow the proper protocols. Meanwhile, anyone who is looking to paint a mural in support of Trump is told that they are going to need to wait while their applications are being processed.

If you are looking to go outside and start a riot, the rules are not going to apply to you. The same goes for protesters who are looking to use the current social climate as an excuse to attack police officers. How is anyone supposed to pay a $10,000 fine when everyone is out of work and there are no officers who can even enforce the penalty? All De Blasio is doing is causing further social unrest and sending New York City even further down the drain.