Watch: Barr Explains How Democrats Are “Rousseauian Revolutionaries” Trying to Destroy America


United States Attorney General William Barr has had enough of the Democratic party and their willingness to embrace political violence. He spoke out about the issue during a recent sit down with Fox News host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin. In Barr’s words, the Democrats are a “Rousseauian Revolutionary Party that believes in tearing down the system.”

He believes that the party has progressed past the point of compromise and they do not wish to have an open exchange of ideas. Barr wants the Democrats to stop behaving in such a manner, so that the Antifa protesters can be stopped. They are not willing to call them out for the violence that is taking place and Barr is fed up.

Life, Liberty & Levin will be showing the entire interview if you would like to see Barr’s commentary. The current stalemate over the second coronavirus stimulus says it all about the state of the Democratic party. They are willing to allow the enhanced unemployment benefits to lapse before coming to an agreement.

What are all of the Americans who are dependent on these benefits? We are well into August and there is no end to this negotiation in sight. The Republicans have made some very reasonable offers but the Democrats are not ready to put a stop to this national nightmare. They believe that they need to “win” the battle, as opposed to making sure that all of the Americans who are in need are taken care of.

They do not want to come to the table and make a deal unless they can tell their voters that they have defeated the Republicans. That’s why President Trump has been forced to step in. He’s looking to make sure that the nation remains financially solvent during the coronavirus pandemic, while the Democrats are more worried about claiming symbolic victories.

For example, Nancy Pelosi has seemed rather pleased with herself. She believes that the Democrats hold all of the cards here. That’s not how these types of talks are supposed to go. It’s obvious that one party is playing for November and the other is looking to help Americans right now. Barr is simply saying what all of us are thinking. These are the same words that are being said in most American households right now.

Left, right, moderate, it does not matter. Everyone is affected by the pandemic and unemployment does not discriminate. Democrats do not seem to understand this very simple truth. They are acting as if they can toy with everyone’s livelihood. Thankfully, there are still elected officials who are willing to stand up to these bullies. We look forward to hearing more from Barr as soon as possible.

If not for officials like him, who would be willing to speak up right now? Sure, President Trump is always ready with a word or two but the Democrats will just ask like he’s trying to undermine them. After all, the orange man is bad and that is something that they beat us over the head every chance that they get.

Trump’s executive orders are designed to assist those who are trying to find financial relief at the moment and if the Democrats are ready to take him to court? They will find out more about the true wrath of a nation scorned. Americans of all backgrounds are watching the news on a daily basis, waiting and hoping to hear more about the next pandemic stimulus while they still have a chance to keep a roof over their heads.

The Democrats will probably wear any remark that is made by Barr as a badge of honor. They think that this is all fun and games. We may not have the wisdom and expertise of the average Democrat but it is clear to see that they are playing with fire once again. It won’t be long before they are badly burned because of their own hubris.

AG Barr: Democrats are now the “Rousseauian Revolutionary Party that believes in tearing down the system”

“They’re not interested in compromise. They’re not interested in [a] dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory…It’s a substitute for religion.”

— Elizabeth Harrington (@LizRNC) August 9, 2020