Democrats Are Secretly Preparing To Launch Mass Violence in Case Biden Loses


A recent meeting between far left groups and communist organizations on Zoom provided much cause for alarm. They gathered on the ever-popular video chat site to discuss their upcoming plans. The groups were formulating a plan for what to do after the election has come and gone. The Fight Back Table initiative is already preparing for violence if Biden loses the election.

That’s how much faith they have in their candidate. They are not working to help him get elected, they are planning their tantrums for when he does not. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy but many of these folks have a defeatist mindset. The potential for violent conflicts is off the charts at the moment and that’s why so many Americans are purchasing guns.

Liberal groups have been laying waste to various American cities over the past few months. These Democrat-led cities have left their citizens with untold amounts of damage to deal with. These rioting sprees have already caused enough problems and now the rest of the country anxiously awaits to see the rest of the violence that could be awaiting them.

At some point, these groups need to be called out for what they actually are. This is the sort of domestic terrorism that cannot and should not be tolerated in America. The summer has been filled with sad stories about business owners losing it all and terrified citizens being forced to bear arms. We were hoping for a slight reprieve this fall but it looks like that is too much to ask for now.


— special agent viti (@selfdeclaredref) August 24, 2020

Sources that are familiar with these discussions believe that the groups are very serious about what they are saying. They may be a bit panicky at the moment but that does not take away from the severity of what they are saying at all. The groups had discussions in the past but they were forced to put them on hold once the COVID-19 pandemic started shuttering everyone’s plans.

The effort even has a formal name: Democracy Defense Nerve Center. The discussions unfolded over the course of two hours and covered a wide range of topics. They want to start a training program that focuses on civil nonviolent disobedience and they would like to start a multi-state communications arm that will be designed to push back against misinformation.

A Transition Integrity Project report also caught their interest. “The potential for violent conflict is high,” read the report. The report focuses on a number of post-election scenarios and none of them seem all that positive. The left’s fear-mongering is at an all-time high. They do not even care if the stuff that they are saying makes logical sense anymore.

These are the same people who are running with the popular left-wing narrative about Donald Trump refusing to leave the White House if he loses the election. If Hillary Clinton says it, they run with it and that’s the sad truth. Biden is not going to be willing to accept defeat, either. The party moved mountains to put him in this position and the polls have been in his favor for months.

That’s why the leftists have been spending the past few months acting like the election is already won. They severely underestimated the power of the Trump supporter last time and they are going to repeat that same mistake all over again this time around. Democrats and their followers tend to be some of the most hard-headed people that you are ever going to come across.

Since they cannot get their way by conventional means, they are planning to get violent. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been watching the news all summer long. When Democrats are not able to get their way, things have to be burned to the ground. The anti-Trump rallies that we saw after the last election are sure to be worse this time around.