Black or Not? Yet Another Liberal Race Hoaxer Exposed


The sheer number of white liberals who are willing to partake in these types of hoaxes is astounding. We would have thought that Rachel Dolezal was the only one who would be dumb enough to pull something like this. Now, a grad student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has decided to come clean about her own racial hoaxing.

Of course, she also offered up a confession on Medium, just like Jessica Krug did. How many more of these folks are out there? When Krug’s confession came across our desk last week, we couldn’t stop laughing. It seemed like she wanted some form of credit for getting out in front of this thing but in reality, she could have simply stopped the lie.

That’s what gets us about these. It’s easy enough to simply stop lying and return to being white. Instead, these women seem to want a cookie because of their honesty. The Wisconsin-State Journal issued a report on the matter over the weekend and we are cackling. CV Vitolo-Haddad tried to pull the oldest trick in the book.

Anyone who has ever spent time with Italians knows that there are plenty who believe that they are somehow separate and different from white people. “I’m not white, I’m Italian” is a common refrain for them. They embarrass the heck out of most Italians but trust us, these people exist. Vitolo-Haddad claims to identify as a Southern Italian/Sicilian.

As you may already know, Sicilians are the ringleaders of the “I’m not white, I’m Italian” tribe. Instead of telling the truth, this young woman decided to distort her racial identity. Since her parents offered conflicting stories about their heritage, she decided to exploit this silly “loophole”. Her level of shame should be off the charts.

“I have let guesses about my ancestry become answers I wanted but couldn’t prove,” she claimed. “I have let people make assumptions when I should have corrected them,” Vitolo-Haddad continued. She also posted an apology where she said that she was asked point blank if she identifies as Black numerous time and refused to say no.

Two apologies for one hoax? Her conscience must have been eating her alive. She blames her unproven family history for the hoax as well. It’s pretty easy to learn more about these things if you actually want to but she was content with the lie. It’s more victimhood from a white liberal who should know better.

“What I know is that I am Southern Italian/Sicilian. In trying to make sense of my experiences with race, I grossly misstepped. I went along with however people saw me. I over-identified with unreliable and unproven family history and latched onto anything I remembered growing up.

All of those actions were deeply misguided and have caused an incredible amount of hurt for the Madison community, those I organize with, and everyone who has been exposed to this public reckoning. It was my choice and error to identify any differently,” she said in her Medium piece.

She couldn’t resist an attempt at trying to differentiate herself from Dolezal and Krug, claiming that she did not benefit professionally from the ruse. CV has now resigned from her job at the university. This story reminds us of Elizabeth Warren’s, a lot. There are so many parallels here. Warren made the same claims about her lie, too. She did not benefit professionally, either…so she says. Warren did not bother to resign from her job, though.

In that sense, maybe this young woman is a bit better than Warren. The Teaching Assistant’s Association is not pleased, issuing a statement that condemns CV’s actions in no uncertain terms. The progressives never said anything like this about Warren but maybe they are finally realizing the error of their ways. The country is being gaslit right now by all of these charlatans and we hope that we are finally done reading these types of stories.