AOC Pushes Fake System to Justify Criminals Threatening Police


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back and ripe for the making fun of again as she defies all logic by going to the defense of the woman killed in an altercation with the police. The death of Breonna Taylor was tragic. But her actions towards the cops was hostile and threatening. Police do not just randomly shoot people for the fun of it. They act in self-defense when their lives are being threatened.

Ocasio-Cortez got in front of the camera and said that Taylor’s death happened because that is how the system works. She is stating that the police randomly target black people for the sport of killing them. She is pushing that the police of Louisville Kentucky, have somehow “failed their entire community.”

The only way they could have failed their community is by not showing up to the criminal activity. The police fail to do their job when they sit in the station and refuse to respond to violent conditions or accident scenes. But the police did show up, and they stopped a violent person from harming others in the area. The officers that day protected their community and ended up being torn apart by cowards demanding justice.

Taylor could have killed both officers that day, and there would not have been anything done to avenge their deaths. The Black Lives Matter mentality is highly selective as to which lives matter to them. They have even killed their skin color members when it suits their needs.

Ocasio-Cortez has sided with Louisville, KY’s violent offenders, as she condemns the officers involved in defending the community. The officers had the right to face a grand jury, and it was decided that they should not face charges for any wrongdoing. This should have been enough for people, but the liberals are looking for blood as November gets closer.

The AOC has a heart of stone. She blames some mysterious system for Taylor’s death. There is no system except that which has been around for hundreds of years. It is called law and order. Taylor was up to something illegal, and the police had to intervene.

She would state her conspiracy theory poison by saying, “It’s just weighing really heavy on my heart. And because we know that her death is not just the result of one person, but the system, structure and department that failed their entire community.”

All the AOC wants to do is defund the police. Her involvement in this matter is nothing more than another political stunt. This is just like the time she marched to the southern border for the sole purpose of taking pictures of herself at the fence line. Since that day, she has never once cried about the conditions that affected her so much. She is a trained liar.

Taylor was the type of person that was a suspected drug user and pusher. The police had to come to her apartment and search it for drugs. Taylor got all violent, and the police had to take action. Sadly, some other people were killed in the process, and that officer that fired those shots is being dealt with lawfully. But the other officers involved have done nothing wrong. And that is what is upsetting the liberals because they want to hand two innocent people.

Taylor took out a gun and fired it at the officers. These protestors and the AOC would demand that the police stand there and just be shot in the head. Taylor was the one responsible for everything. She was the one with drugs in the house. Had she not had any drugs, the police would not have had to show up and raid the home.

The police showed up and announced themselves. This alone should have caused the residents to open their doors. But all they did was fire shots at the police. Taylor’s boyfriend fired shots in an attempt to murder the officer. But there is no outcry from the AOC for the lives that he tried to take.

The AOC does not like men in uniform. The AOC needs to shut her mouth. Under Kentucky, law officers can protect themselves when their lives are in danger. The one officer that fired into the next apartment is being charged because of the reckless way he fired his weapon. But the other officers did nothing wrong. And that is what is angering the AOC.