Pelosi Loses Control of Schumer as He Forces His Will


Chuck Schumer showed his impatience over Nancy Pelosi as he pushed her out of the way and took control of the House. For some crazy reason, he circumvented the old lady and called for a procedural vote on a bill. The call to vote is a job for the majority leader and not her underlings. Schumer is pushing his will over Pelosi’s, and it is setting up for power struggle.

Schumer is a man that feels he must be in charge. His forceful takeover of the floor sidesteps Pelosi’s authority. His actions are dangerous as it sets a precedent for others to follow if they want to force a vote on a bill that they really believe in.

His actions have now set up a forced vote that would essentially protect Americans with pre-existing health issues from losing their healthcare. But this action was already done by the president when he instituted his last executive order.

The Democrats are so fearful that the soon to be new Supreme Court Judge is going to take away the legacy landmark of Obama’s reign. Obamacare is an unconstitutional attempt by the liberals to force Americans to buy health insurance. Obama forced people to sign up by the millions or face fines.

And now those same people are being told that they are going to lose that health care if President Trump takes it down by nominating another judge. Their logic just does not add up. But Schumer is so scared that he is forcing a vote by taking over Pelosi’s job.

Fear drives people to do wacky things. His fear of losing health coverage made him act before the Supreme Court, and the president could strike down their beloved health coverage. Schumer should have worked with the House and brought the vote up to the Senate and let Mitch McConnell deal with it. But the Democrats are desperate and are showing signs of death as November approaches.

Mitch McConnell is the one the rules the Senate. He is the one that says who gets to speak on the floor of the Senate. So, this move by Schumer not only sidestepped Pelosi but also takes control of the Senate floor and shuts McConnell out.

The actions by Schumer are allowed, but most Senators do not usurp the majority leader’s authority. These kinds of actions have a way of causing the Senate to shut down and fall into chaos.

The majority leader is the person that sets the business schedule. Schumer was out of line as he pushed his way around Pelosi and indirectly over McConnell. All he wants to do is shadow the president’s executive order to make it look like the Democrats are trying to protect pre-existing conditions.

This is Schumer’s way of trying to protect the one thing that they have left to say is their signature bill as November approaches. All that is on his wrinkly mind is to keep Amy Coney Barrett from taking her rightful seat on the Supreme Court’s bench.

The Democrats are running scared as her tenure gets ready to start. They believe Barrett is going to join up with the conservative judges and shut down Obamacare. Something that should have happened years ago.

The Democrats are fighting dirty. They are working overtime to find anything they can to smear Barrett with. They have even gone so far as to attack her religious beliefs. They fail to realize that their religious beliefs dictate their actions as well. They simply believe that they are gods on earth.

President Trump nominated Barrett on the basis of her knowledge and experience. She is the right person for the job. Democrats are fretting the power that the Republicans are getting these last few months of President Trump’s first term.

The race to save America has never been more vital for President Trump and the rest of the Republican leaders. So many liberals have come out exclaiming their hatred for the country and individual freedoms that Americans have. Their attempts to take over the country are failing, and they are angry to the point of extreme actions like Chuck Schumer’s.