China Decides to Review & Rate US Military


China has been working to push as many boundaries as it can. They continue to insult us. It’s as if they are taunting President Biden to make a move against them.

The communist country has a lot to say about the way that we run the U.S. – that includes our military.

Recently, they’ve decided that it’s time to poke at the military a bit. They’ve reviewed and rated it, claiming that the American military has “lax discipline and poor management.”

After a Pentagon report was released, which exonerated all U.S. military personnel for wrongdoing regarding the drone strike that took place in Kabul back in August, Chinese state media couldn’t keep quiet.

They mocked the report and said that it proved that the U.S. military was “ruthless and merciless.”

The Kabul drone strike was responsible for killing a civilian and nine of his family members, including children. The Biden administration initially defended the attack because it was in defense of the deadly attack on military personnel that took place at the Kabul airport.

As the Biden administration looked to regain the proper position following the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, they falsely claimed that there were secondary explosions to say that the civilian was carrying explosives. He was not. He was carrying containers of water for his family.

The U.S. government didn’t want to be accountable, and they have refused to come forward to say that the withdrawal was handled poorly.

Global Times, the state-run newspaper out of China, was quick to point out that the Biden administration has refused to hold anyone responsible for the drone strike. And while the country may be right, there are still a lot of issues with China of all countries choosing to point the finger.

The state-run media wrote that “On the international stage, when blaming other countries for practices which run counter to humanitarianism, the US will not relent. Worse still, in a bid to effectively attack its rivals, the US has even fabricated various lies on human rights or humanitarianism. But when encountering its own issues in this regard, it tries to play it down. This shows that its image of upholding global morality and justice which the US has propagated is trumped up, going against its true colors.

Basically, China is trying to say that the U.S. doesn’t get to stand on any kind of moral high-ground. We retaliate against a threat and take out a civilian. They kill thousands based on religious beliefs and work millions more to the bone in concentration-like work camps.

They’re hardly the innocents that they would like for us to believe that they are.

The Chinese believe that they have the right to judge our military – and they are judging quite harshly.

From a lot of the latest reports, China is preparing to take Taiwan by force. They have been boasting their military power for quite some time in terms of manpower, ships, and planes. They have been flexing at us, and they seem to be asking for us to flex back.

We’ve already told China to sit down. Biden is running a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Yet, China cannot seem to let well enough alone. Beyond pointing the finger at our military, they have prided themselves on all that they’ve done to help Afghanistan. Only, their humanitarian supplies are going to support the Taliban regime, which is all the more reason why we must keep our distance from China.