Hillary to Run for President… Again?

mistydawnphoto / shutterstock.com

If you’ve been paying attention to liberal media outlets as of late, you might have noticed an increase in both public appearances and comments by two-time failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In mid-December, she gave an interview with NBC’s “Today” show where she rather emotionally read her would-have-been 2016 victory speech to the nation. In addition, the video of her reading the now obsolete speech was posted on YouTube as a part of a series for “Masterclass.”

And, of course, there have been some snippets here and there shared by the has-been politician.

The question regarding her recent injections into the limelight is why now.

Why wait until after the Democrats have taken over the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives? And more notably, why now, when it’s become rather clear over the past few months that neither Joe Biden nor his not-so-faithful vice president Kamala Harris are in good shape to run for the presidency in 2024?

Well, as you can imagine, the rumor is that she may see the current state of affairs in the White House and the Democratic Party as a whole, as a way for her to make a reentrance into the political sphere and possibly even suggest herself as the rightful and most eligible candidate come November 2, 2024.

As CEO of social media platform, Gettr and former Trump advisor Jason Miller told Steve Bannon on an episode of the podcast “War Room,” “The fact of the matter is that Crooked (referring to Clinton as Trump once called her ‘Crooked Hillary’) is circling around Joe Biden almost like a buzzard looking at the carcass on the ground, saying, “It’s not going to be Joe Biden, it’s not going to be Kamala Harris. How can I go and insert myself into this national discussion and remind people that I’m still here?’”

And I have to say that I agree.

She has to know how unliked both Biden and Harris are at the moment. She has to see the signs that Biden’s mind is deteriorating at quite a rapid pace. And she has to know that America sees it plain as day.

So, of course, she’s not hesitating to make herself front and center in today’s political conversations.

Naturally, that includes bringing up former President Donald Trump’s name and once again insisting that he will be the ruination of America.

In fact, when speaking about him during her recent time with NBC, she noted that she believes Trump will run in 2024, as is the rumor, and when he does, it will be a “make-or-break point” for the country. Furthermore, if Trump wins, as she indicated he likely would against Biden, it would essentially be the “end of democracy” as we know it.

But it’s not like Biden is a good option at this point either. But, of course, she didn’t say that in so many words. Instead, all she has to do is let his actions and constant gaffes speak for themselves.

There’s also the fact that no less than four of Biden’s former candidate aides said there was no way that he’d run for election in the coming years. I mean, he will be 82 by the time 2024 rolls around, and he’s already showing massive signs of dementia.

Of course, Biden, nor his staff, can afford to really admit that right now. It would essentially be career suicide if he did, giving everyone no reason to keep him around for much longer. Neither can he lie, though, and say he will be running.

His real and only option is to “quietly indicate” that he won’t be running while at the same time not promising anything he can’t hold himself to later, as Politico says.

In the meantime, Hillary will no doubt be on the sidelines, cheering on his demise and offering herself as the best solution to the Democratic Party’s Trump problem. Too bad her disillusion and arrogance will once again prove to be her biggest flaw.