Biden Set To Release Families From Detention Centers

Fishman64 /

Joe Biden is a man full of complexities and issues that he cannot solve on his own. His so-called team of experts is nothing more than a bunch of fame seekers reveling in the glory of their newfound positions of power. They thrive on the idea that they can now dictate what people can and cannot do has made them all drunk with power. Now when they try and advise the president on issues, all they can do is suggest ignorant solutions to terrible issues that he alone is guilty of creating.

Biden’s newfound solution to the crowded immigration detention centers is to allow those people claiming to be families to walk right out of the center and go wherever they want to travel. The old man thinks that if he gives the family a trackable cell phone or ankle monitor, they will keep it with them. These people want to disappear and live without being caught or deported back to their homeland.

Biden’s remote tracking technology is not the solution to the problem his open border policies have created. He has to shut down the border and stop listening to the horrible advice of the progressive that loves to dictate his policies.

There is no reason to believe that any illegal with trackable devices will not simply have them removed once they are free of law enforcement. Biden has already been releasing thousands of untraceable illegals into the country. It does not matter to him what these people do once they are released from the centers. All he is concerned with is getting the number count down to claim that he has solved the issue.

Biden has reportedly spent a lot of money securing the devices he needs to strap to his new targets. But these new targets will never be traced or tracked because Biden has seen to crippling the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division so they cannot track down and deport illegals caught committing horrible crimes.

Biden’s media is reporting things positively and will never tell of the possible consequences of moving more illegals into the country. He has to move quickly because the midterm elections are coming up, and he needs something to work with, so the Democrats can claim that they have their act together.

Biden had promised to get the families out of the detention centers during his campaign days. His office desperately needs to be able to claim that they have honored at least one promise. So far, every promise the old man has made has never been fulfilled. He is branded as a liar by voters, and there are not many people who genuinely trust the man.

The president wants the detention centers only to hold single illegals. One ICE spokesperson came out and reported that “ICE has chosen to shift its usage of the Dilley facility to focus on single adults consistent with the administration’s goals of addressing irregular migration while supporting a system of border management that is orderly, safe, and humane.”

Right now, over 150,000 illegals are being tracked with monitors. And now Biden wants to increase that amount. The president has one goal in mind: to overtax the system so much that it collapses and destroys the immigration office and law enforcement.

The media has already tried to pin the release of tens of thousands of migrants into the country on border agents. But the decision to release people comes from the top. And Biden’s staff sits on their royal porcelain thrones dictating what workers can do.

The president has set immigration records that he will never be able to brag about. The sheer number of people he has released into American has been the highest in multiple decades. The amount of harm these people will do to the country in the future is incalculable. They will be a drain on the prosperity and development of America as a nation for decades to come.