The Fight on Pronouns Continues with Christian Teachers

Josie Elias /

For hundreds of years, we have used pronouns based on a person’s gender. He/him is used for a male and she/her are used for a male. However, we now live in a world where pronouns are insulting. And, if a person is binary (read, they can’t decide what gender they are), they want the pronouns of they/them. We’re supposed to forget about the fact that such pronouns are plural and we’re speaking of one person.

The use of “proper” pronouns is being pushed everywhere you look. And in some schools, they’re being pushed by teachers without even bothering to inform parents that a child has decided that they want to switch pronouns.

What about in Christian schools where binary isn’t taken into consideration? What about when a switch of pronouns goes against your faith?

There has to be a time in which pronouns cannot be pushed beyond the standards of using he/him and she/her.

Christian teachers don’t want to adopt policies that would require them to use preferred pronouns. After all, shouldn’t there be a limit to all of this?

Tanner Cross was suspended over such beliefs. He was an elementary school PE teacher in Loudoun County, Virginia. He opposed the policy that would require him to use the pronouns that were “preferred” over what was obviously in front of him. It went against his beliefs as a Christian – and he was suspended, which sparked controversy across the country.

The Virginia Supreme Court even ruled in his favor.

Cross isn’t done fighting yet, though. He was a victim of retaliation. Once the Loudoun County School Board went forward with their controversial policy, two other teachers in the district joined the case. The amended complaint was filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom group in August.

As the complaint read, “This case is about far more than pronouns. It raises the question of whether public schools can punish a teacher for objecting, as a private citizen during the public comment portion of a board meeting, to a proposed policy that would force him to express ideas about human nature, unrelated to the school’s curriculum, that he believes are false.”

This is really what many are asking about…what do pronouns have to do with education? If a person morally objects to the use of incorrect pronouns based on the student’s biological sex, why should they be punished?

It is proof that the Democrats are trying to destroy the education system and allow people to break out of standardized categories that are necessary to keep everyone safe. The “male versus female” system isn’t new – it’s been used for hundreds of years. It is not to say that one gender is superior to another. However, it does create division due to biological differences. It must be accepted and respected – and to change those systems by demanding the use of incorrect pronouns can create chaos within the system and put many people at risk.

Cross isn’t the only one to lose his job over the incorrect use or refusal to use pronouns. Peter Vlaming taught at West Point High School. A student was transitioning from female to male. His superiors gave him an ultimatum: “Use male pronouns for this female student or lose your job.”

The issues are becoming harder and harder to ignore – and Christian teachers are taking a stand across the nation.

School will be the first area where students struggle if they want to be referred to using pronouns that are opposite of how they appear. They cannot get upset every time the wrong pronouns are used. They have chosen to go against the grain and, therefore, must prepare for such. We cannot prosecute everyone who hurts someone’s feelings – though the liberal left would love to do exactly that.