Back Door? Deep State Is Still Censoring Pro-American Twitter Accounts After Musk Takeover

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Elon Musk, who doesn’t seem like a dimwitted person, has seemed truly baffled the last few days about who or what is running his new $44 billion Twitter toy that he bought himself for Christmas. By all accounts, Musk is running the operation himself with a handful of engineers these days. That’s after he fired thousands upon thousands of Deep State operatives whose sole job at Twitter was to censor Americans. They didn’t do any practical work other than that. Yet even after that deep cleanse, Twitter the entity is still banning or blocking individuals who have done nothing to violate Twitter’s new free speech(ish) terms of service.)

Americans are especially getting locked out of their accounts on Twitter right now for questioning Ukraine policy. For example, one user tweeted last week that Americans wish we had leaders who put our country first. That was followed by a photo of Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris raising a Ukrainian flat – signed by Nazi soldiers in Ukraine’s Azov Battalion – at the dais in Congress.

It was a perfectly reasonable tweet. Americans are hurting right now, and our country is falling apart. And our “leaders,” for the first time in American history, just flew a foreign flag at the dais in the House of Representatives. Everyone else comes first before us – even foreign Nazis.

Yet somehow, that user was banned for opposing the Ukraine narrative that the Deep State wants us all to believe. When he found out, Elon Musk tweeted:

“Looking into it. That tweet doesn’t violate ToS (Terms of Service).”

There are only two options. Either a person banned the individual, or Twitter’s software somehow did it without Elon Musk’s knowledge. Smart observers probably recognize it was the first option. It’s clear that the Deep State still has its tentacles entwined throughout Twitter because that is how the company was redesigned after the Obama administration took it over in 2011/2012.

Obama asked former Twitter owner/creator Jack Dorsey to “help” the CIA with the Arab Spring, by allowing the feds in the Deep State to take over operations. Dorsey complied, and the federal government delivered. They hauled in massive server farms and supplied thousands of employees. Twitter’s “value” on paper skyrocketed, despite not having any perceivable method of making money, never mind turning profits into the billions.

It was all fake, of course. Our tax dollars were funding a behemoth that was censoring us.

Dorsey has inadvertently confirmed this recently by making comments to the effect that he had no idea what was going on at his own company. He genuinely doesn’t seem to have known that Twitter was censoring and shadow-banning millions of normal Americans who were simply trying to voice their conservative political opinions. Dorsey had lost control of the company he built and was nothing but a figurehead for the past decade or so.

Musk tweeted a few days ago that he unplugged an entire server rack at Twitter and… nothing happened. He thought that was weird (which it was) and remarked about it in a tweet. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) then said the quiet part out loud, responding that 1,000 bureaucrats in Washington, DC simultaneously screamed when Musk unplugged the server rack.

Massie is probably right. The federal government has poured billions into its counterintelligence operation against Americans. It would make sense that they still have a back door, or multiple back doors, into Twitter’s operations.

The scary thing about all this is not what we’re learning about Twitter’s operation, or how the FBI and the CIA were using the platform to violate our civil liberties. The scary part is that while we are seeing the “Twitter Files,” thanks to Elon Musk, we’re still never going to see the Facebook files, the YouTube/Google files, the TikTok files, or any of the other intel ops files of what is being done to control Americans’ speech.