Impeachment Hearings Against Biden’s DHS Secretary Should Start Soon

lev radin /
lev radin /

Right before the November midterm elections, incoming House Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggested that Republicans would begin investigating Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. McCarthy told Mayorkas to resign or face possible impeachment. Now that McCarthy has successfully become the Speaker, he needs to follow through on that promise as quickly as possible.

Mayorkas continues to maintain that Customs and Border Protection has “operational control” of the border, but this is a childishly transparent lie. Watch Bill Melugin on Fox News any day of the week and you’ll see just how out-of-control the border situation is. The drug cartels are running the show.

40 counties in Texas have filed emergency orders declaring that they are under invasion. This clears the way, constitutionally, for an administration to order troops to the border to quell the invasion and protect the Americans who are endangered by it. Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”

This is not optional if our form of government is to have any meaning. The number one job of Alejandro Mayorkas in the event that a state invokes an invasion emergency is to go to Joe Biden and request troops to stop the problem. Obviously, this hasn’t happened.

Is there any federal official who has done a worse job at their number one priority in your lifetime? Well, maybe Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, but at least his inactivity on vital issues has less of an impact on everyone’s lives.

As part of the entire charade around the illegal invasion and our “operation control,” Joe Biden is finally visiting the border at El Paso, TX this week. Like everything else in this Potemkin presidency, it is entirely fake.

El Paso is now swamped with illegal alien hobo tent cities. It’s gross. It looks like California.

But the federal government has suddenly cleaned up the streets of El Paso ahead of Biden’s arrival. They rounded the homeless illegals up, demolished the tent cities, cleaned up all the poop off the sidewalk and doused the whole joint with Lysol. It’s as sparkly clean as Martha’s Vineyard today!

The Border Patrol had to start dumping illegals directly onto the streets in El Paso because the Biden-facilitated invasion from the Third World has overwhelmed the existing shelters for them. There are too many invaders, and there’s no more room for more.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the Border Patrol is actually arresting illegals in El Paso as they cross the border. They’re being bused off to some undisclosed location, away from El Paso, along with the homeless.

Leftists sure can be vicious in discarding their pawns when they no longer have any more use for them. As a result of these theatrics, El Paso will look clean and safe and illegal-alien-free for the first time in months, just in time for Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas to march in and pat themselves on the back for the great job they’re doing. Hand-picked propaganda media reporters will ask softball questions about why Republicans are lying about the border situation because everything looks fine today!

Mayorkas is stubbornly refusing to resign, despite being the single worst DHS Secretary in the short history of that department. And why should he resign? The old Republican Party would never follow through on a threat to do anything to stop the Democrats.

But under the new Republican Party, where the gang of 20 conservative holdouts now has leverage over Kevin McCarthy if he doesn’t stick to his word, Mayorkas may be in for a nasty surprise.