Biden’s Building a Wall Where?

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It’s no secret that our border is in what can only be called complete disarray, with millions of illegals being allowed to make their way across it and into our communities and towns. We all also know that under Democratic President Joe Biden, things have only worsened.

One main reason for this is his day-one decision and executive order that all work, construction, and plans on former President Donald Trump’s border wall be halted indefinitely.

For starters, this meant that hundreds of thousands, no, millions of taxpayer dollars used to pay for contracts, equipment, and building supplies, were quite literally left to rot in the desert. And no, I’m not kidding.

Doing just a small bit of research will inform you that there are regions along the border chocked full of all kinds of already paid-for and on-site building materials. And yet, they aren’t being used.

And apparently, they won’t be used for anything else, either. According to reports from multiple sources, the Biden admin is actually paying for the security of such sites. Yep, you read that right. Biden is actually paying security guards and such to make sure that these materials aren’t getting stolen or used – a complete waste.

But what’s more, is that the end of the project has left massive gaps in the border. Some are literally miles long, with nothing between Mexico and the US. And when I say nothing, I mean it. There isn’t even a barbed wire fence there.

You see, as the wall continued along the border, what was standing there had to be torn down to make room for the new. But now, with “The Wall” canceled, nothing has been put up in its place. Instead, it’s just wide open, leaving miles where illegals can find access to the freedom our nation boasts of.

According to NBC News, some 2.76 million migrants were caught trying to cross the border last year. And that’s just the ones that were apprehended. It doesn’t count for the thousands more who were never seen or heard of.

But, of course, that doesn’t mean that Biden has been convinced that our southern border should become more secure or that the wall should be completed.
In fact, when he finally traveled to visit the border last week, a full two years too late, he actually tried to suggest that the border was as secure as ever. As The Babylon Bee said, though, it’s only as secure as our recent elections…

Then again, recent news does suggest that Biden knows all too well the benefits of a wall. Otherwise, why would he be installing one around his Delaware beach house?

That’s right.

As the New York Post reported back in October, Turnstone Holdings LLC was awarded a contract worth about half a million dollars – all taxpayer-funded, of course – for the “PURCHASE AND INSTALLATION OF SECURITY FENCING” at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home.

It was reported by the UK’s Daily Mail that construction of such security fencing began in earnest last week. And yes, it’s much more like a wall than the fencing most of us have surrounding our yards. After all, it costs all of us a very pretty penny.

Originally, noted the contract for the project to be for $456,548. However, recent changes have risen that cost to $501,824.

I know, none of you are shocked that the price went up, are you? I’m definitely not. I mean, based on inflation and his party’s astronomical and completely unnecessary spending bills, I’m rather surprised the bill is still under seven figures.

However, as anyone who’s ever had such home improvement projects completed or simply watched one of the hundreds of home and lifestyle shows available nowadays knows, such increases are pretty much par for the course. Things come up: water mains (in this case) must be moved, underground wires must be kept secure and relocated, etc.

And all of that isn’t always foreseen or included in the budget initially.

Still, I do believe it’s saying something when a man such as Biden decides to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars – that aren’t even his – to build security for himself, especially when that man has been so adamant about denying it to the nation as a whole.

What do you think?