DOJ Let Biden’s Lawyers Search for Stolen Classified Docs with No FBI Oversight

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Naeblys /

It’s only a matter of time now before Joe Biden will be shuffled out to pasture, so he can wander around in a nice bathrobe and slippers while feeding the ducks and trying to remember his name. Not that he’ll be going to jail over his stolen classified documents scandal. We already know he’ll never be charged with a crime by the politicized Department of Justice. Just look at how he’s being handled with kid gloves, compared to President Donald Trump.

As far as we know, Biden’s personal attorneys are still scouring his mansions to see if they turn up any more classified documents. Biden’s attorneys are doing the search.

The FBI planted a spy in President Donald Trump’s inner circle, who told them where to search in Mar-a-Lago to try to find “classified” documents. Then, the FBI sent dozens of agents armed with machine guns to the president’s home. They rifled through Melania Trump’s underwear drawer. This was despite the fact that President Trump was not in any way in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

But Joe Biden’s lawyers get to search his mansions? Those lawyers don’t even have security clearances.

As the Wall Street Journal reported this week, “The two sides agreed that Mr. Biden’s personal attorneys would inspect the homes, notify the Justice Department as soon as they identified any other potentially classified records, and arrange for law-enforcement authorities to take them.”

The two sides? What is this, a negotiation?

Isn’t it remarkable that a Democrat former vice president who clearly broke the law gets to negotiate and have his lawyers look for the documents he stole – while a Republican president has his home and his privacy invaded by armed agents who trashed the place for something that was not a crime?

Not only are Biden’s lawyers gently conducting the search, but the FBI has agreed to let them do it privately. There are no FBI agents at Joe Biden’s mansions that are overseeing the search. They’re using the honor system with Joe Biden, while the Trump family got the jackboot treatment. As if Biden has somehow proven himself trustworthy at this point.

Reports indicate a total of 25 classified documents, including some that were Top Secret, have now been recovered from Biden’s stashes. As a reminder, Joe Biden didn’t wander off with these documents recently. He stole them six years ago, at the end of his stint as Obama’s failed vice president. He hung onto all of the documents all this time without authorization to do so, and in direct violation of federal laws governing the handling of classified documents.

If any employee at the CIA had done what Joe Biden admits to doing, that agent would be in prison for five years per document and paying fines that would wreck them financially for years to come. Vice presidents do not get to walk off with classified documents any more than you do. And retaining those documents in an unsecured location is a felony.

Meanwhile, former presidents have tremendous leeway under the law to keep and declassify any document they want. Just ask George W. Bush or Obama.

If Joe Biden’s lawyers are doing the search for stolen documents, who’s to say that they’re not shredding the really bad ones that they find? Media hacks were literally claiming that Donald Trump might have been trying to sell the nuclear codes to foreign powers. What if Joe Biden was selling important secrets to foreign governments? We’ll never know since his personal attorneys get the first crack at all the documents.

Not that this is designed to punish Joe Biden in any way. This entire farce is just to get him to step aside and clear the presidential primary field for Gavin Newsom in 2024. (Sorry, Kamala. You’re as useless to the Deep State as Old Joe. You’ll get your turn behind the big desk, but it’ll be over in less than 2 years.)