Can’t Help Himself: McCarthy Commits His First Self-Own as Speaker

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Kevin McCarthy has done a fairly good job so far as Speaker of the House. He booted Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee, and then verbally curb-stomped an idiot reporter who challenged him on it. He formed committees to investigate the weaponization of the federal government and Chinese spying in the US. But a RINO can’t help himself for very long, and McCarthy has committed a cardinal sin that you would never see a Democrat committing. McCarthy has threatened to kick legendary freshman Congressman George Santos (R-NY) out of Congress.

McCarthy is falling into the trap of allowing the communist Democrats to use our own values against us. Democrats never do this. George Santos probably embellished his resume a bit. So what? Point to one Democrat who has been kicked out of Congress for being a liar. You can’t.

To understand the context of George Santos’s now-legendary status among conservatives, you have to go back to the 2020 election. Santos won the congressional election for New York’s 3rd District, only to have it stolen from him. It was pretty much the same thing that happened with Donald Trump, but at a smaller, local scale.

Instead of hanging his head and wandering off, Santos knuckled down and ran again in 2022. You might say he… rebranded himself a bit. And by rebranding himself, we mean that he LIED LIKE A DEMOCRAT to win his 2022 election.

As he has now confessed, much of Santos’s resume was fabricated while he was on the campaign trail. He did exactly what every Democrat does. When he was giving a stump speech in front of a black audience, his ancestry became part black. When he spoke to an Asian group, he became part Asian. In one of our favorite statements that he made to the New York Post, Santos says he never claimed to be Jewish. He meant to say he was Jew-ISH.

The dude is a living, breathing meme. He’s hilarious!

But now Kevin McCarthy is saying that if a House Ethics probe finds that Santos did anything wrong, he’ll be kicked out of Congress. First of all, shouldn’t that be the decision of the voters in Santos’s district? And second, Democrats would never show any sort of weakness in supporting one of their own in a similar situation.

The blond-haired, whiter-than-a-mayonnaise-sandwich Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) lied for years by claiming that she was a Native American. She claimed to be the first Native teacher at Harvard. No Democrat has ever threatened to have Elizabeth Warren kicked out of the Senate despite that brazen lie which she used to personally profit and to accrue personal political power.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her own brother to commit immigration fraud and student loan fraud. That’s not even in dispute. Yet not only was she never criminally investigated for that, but no Democrat has also ever even mildly criticized her for it.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) wrecked his first marriage by carrying on an affair with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang. Nancy Pelosi kept putting Swalwell on the Intelligence Committee after that happened. There were no calls from Democrats for Swalwell to get kicked out of Congress.

Democrats circled the wagons and protected Rep. Anthony Wiener (D-NY) when his sex scandal exploded. It was only after he got caught texting nude photos to a child that they finally abandoned their steely-spined support for him.

But now Kevin McCarthy is threatening to kick George Santos out of Congress? He just can’t help himself.

This is a mistake that needs to be corrected. We’re in a fight to the death for the heart and soul for America right now. The Democrats know this and they’re heavily armed for the fight. Kevin McCarthy has already shown that he is willing to fold like a cheap suit at the mildest bit of criticism. Toughen up, Kevin! George Santos is a living legend, and we want him to stay in Congress as long as possible!