Biden Energy Dept. Rule Really Would Ban Most Current Gas Stove Models

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One of Joe Biden’s flacks at the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) caused a stir last month when he spouted off that they were going to ban gas stoves in America. Due to pushback from the public, the Biden regime walked back the statement. They claimed they don’t really intend to ban your gas stove or barbecue grill. But they do. We know this based on the new rule proposals that Team Biden has issued through the Energy Department this week.

CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka said they would simply ban gas stoves if they couldn’t get Congress to take them off the market legislatively. This is a crazy idea since natural gas cookstoves are used in 40% of American households. Imagine the expense of retrofitting everyone’s home to switch to a less efficient, and far more costly to operate, electric stove.

The reason for Trumka’s threat against the middle class is that a group of global warming cultists published a single questionable research paper that hasn’t even been peer-reviewed. That paper claims that natural gas stoves, which have been used in homes since as far back as 1820, are causing brain damage. Weird how no one ever noticed this before the weather weirdoes started wanting to ban all fossil fuel use.

Anyway, the study is a complete farce. Listening to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) talk about the issue is likely to kill far more brain cells than your gas cookstove ever will. Despite the absurdity of the paper, almost every Democrat instantly latched onto it as their latest talking point in their global warming war against the middle class.

And Americans rightly pushed back. This totalitarian intrusion into the marketplace is not something that any normal person wants. Natural gas is cheaper to cook with, and far more efficient at cooking than an electric stove. Doing away with natural gas stoves would do financial harm to already-struggling Americans who are being crushed by $5 a gallon gasoline.

So, the Biden regime then promised that they’re not actually going to ban anyone’s gas stoves.

This was a complete and total lie.

The Energy Department has issued new “efficiency standards” that natural gas cookstoves must meet before they can be sold to consumers. And guess what? Almost no natural gas cookstoves currently in existence can meet the new standards that they just made up out of thin air.

Instead of a direct ban on gas stoves, which would get Democrats roasted in Congress and would never pass, they’re trying to ban gas stoves through the back door, by regulating these stoves out of existence.

The Energy Department’s global warming kooks know this. They tested 21 of the top-selling gas cooktops against the new standards that they are proposing. 20 of them failed.

Naturally, the Energy Department is demanding a standard that almost no natural gas cookstove manufacturers can meet within the timeframe of the new rules going into effect. The Energy Department expects the new stoves that don’t exist to burn far less natural gas. Therefore, even if the manufacturers are able to accomplish this, the stoves won’t burn as hot. That means foods won’t cook as thoroughly, water won’t boil as quickly, and everything in your life slowly gets more unnecessarily miserable.

This regulatory tyranny because of the weather cultists is the reason Americans no longer take hot showers, why we have to run the dishwasher three times to get the dishes clean, why our toilets won’t flush properly, and why everyone’s clothes actually smell. We don’t notice it, because the standards have been degraded so gradually over the years. Visit a country where they still allow people to have functional hot water heaters and you’ll notice the difference quickly.

The Democrats say they don’t intend to ban your gas stove, but they absolutely do. They’ll do it the first chance that they get. This isn’t about helping the environment. They abandoned that goal long ago. This is about controlling every aspect of your life, including how you cook your food.