Dr. Jill Gets a New Nickname After Eagles’ Super Bowl Loss

mark reinstein / shutterstock.com
mark reinstein / shutterstock.com

If you’re into sports much, or more particularly football, you probably know that the Philadelphia Eagles hadn’t made it to the Super Bowl in a while – since 2018 when they played the New England Patriots. Before that, it was 2004. So when they do make it, they are usually hailed as a bit of an underdog. Naturally, fans flock to their support.

But for one Philly fan, perhaps it’s better if she didn’t cheer them on.

Enter First Lady Dr. Jill Biden.

If you weren’t aware, “Dr.” Jill, as she insists upon being called, is and always has been an avid Philadelphia fan, whether it’s the city’s NFL team, the Eagles, or their MLB team aptly named the Phillies.

As such, she’s been to several games and made quite a few posts on her social media accounts, either praising her favorite teams’ efforts or just showing support, like any loyal fan. It’s one of the few things actually that make FLOTUS relatable and likable, to see her as a sports fan just like so many of us.

However, it would seem that over the past year, or so, she’s become somewhat of a bad luck charm to the City of Brotherly Love, or at least their professional sports teams.

In fact, after the Eagles’ most recent and rather heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, she’s even acquired a new nickname: Dr. Jinx.
While she’s bound to be thrilled that people are finally starting to call her “Dr.,” I doubt she will appreciate the next word much.

But for passionate Philly fans, that’s exactly what she is.


Well, this year has been one of the most successful for both the cities’ MLB and NFL teams. Both made it a championship game or series this past season. And both also lost, though not without a good effort.

As I already mentioned, the Eagles lost to the Chiefs in a rather upsetting 38-35 game on Sunday. In November, the Phillies dropped three straight games in the World Series, handing the title of champion and a 2-1 lead to the Houston Astros.

Some would say that it just wasn’t Philadelphia’s year. Others would say that Dr. Jinx is the reason for the near wins.

While she didn’t attend the Super Bowl (can you imagine the logistical nightmare of that), she did make sure to wear her very own Eagles jersey. With the name Biden on the back and the number 46, presumably a reference to her husband being the 46th US president, she flaunted her fandom to the world just before the big game, saying “We’re ready” accompanied by the hashtag “#FlyEaglesFly.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she did attend game four of the World Series, one in which the Phillies lost 5-0, the beginning of the end.

Again, some would just call this coincidence.

But for a growing number of sports fans, who tend to be rather superstitious when it comes to their favorite teams, there’s a trend that cannot be ignored, and it all leads to Dr. Jinx. I mean, when one team loses after being supported by Biden, one can call it a one-off, right? But when two come up short in the last moments of victory, people begin to ask a few more questions.

Hell, some even say that she has cursed the Philadelphia teams somehow.

As many people noted on social media this past week after the upsetting Eagles loss, “The Jill Biden curse is real.”

Another user wisely said, “This is why the Eagles lost… anything a Biden touches goes to waste.”

And I have to say he’s not all that wrong. I mean, what else could you say when you have a nation seeing the most potential and growth in decades, and suddenly, with a Biden at the helm, it all goes to pot?

No wonder people are starting to make similar connections to Dr. Jill and her favorite sports teams.