This Senator Compiled a 300+ List of His Enemies for Big Tech to Censor

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Angus King of Maine should resign from his position in the US Senate immediately, following the latest release of the “Twitter Files” from Elon Musk’s team. King, an Independent who caucuses with the Democrats, compiled a huge “enemies” list of his own constituents on a spreadsheet and then sent it to Twitter and Facebook, demanding that their accounts be censored or taken off the internet entirely. And King did this right as he was trying to win his last reelection campaign.

It’s been amazing to watch how the steadfast “Defenders of the First Amendment” in the corrupt media have been covering the revelations in the Twitter files.

This is to say, they haven’t covered it all when it pertains to Democrats in office demanding that conservatives be silenced.

Matt Taibbi, one of the journalists whom Elon Musk picked to release the Twitter files to, deliciously baited the media in a Twitter Files dump last week. The media had completely ignored the revelations that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the chief Russia Collusion Hoaxer in Congress and a deeply disturbed lunatic, was the most censor-happy person in the federal government. The lists of people Schiff tried to censor just went on and on, and the media ignored the story completely.

Taibbi then released the files about someone in the Trump White House trying to get a single vulgar tweet from a Hollywood celebrity taken off of Twitter, and the media was predictably overjoyed. That celebrity was someone named Chrissy Teigen, a talentless hack who has tweeted many times in the past about sexually abusing infants and toddlers and yet was never censored by the social media companies.

Read that last sentence again so it can really sink in.

Teigen tweeted an insult at President Donald Trump that was so vulgar and gross that we can’t repeat it here. You’d be arrested if you tried to say it at a school board meeting. Yet because a single unknown person in the White House asked Twitter to take that single vulgar tweet down, the media exploded in another orgy of “Trump Is LITERALLY HITLER” headlines last week.

They’re completely morally bankrupt and corrupt.

Now Taibbi has thrown out another challenge to the press with the latest dump of Twitter Files. If it was such a big deal that the Trump White House tried to take down one lonely tweet from an “alleged” Hollywood pedophile, how about a sitting United States Senator asking Twitter and Facebook to censor 354 American voters who opposed his reelection campaign?

That’s exactly what Senator Angus King did. He was running against a Republican named Erik Brakey, and a Democrat named Zak Ringelstein in 2018. As Taibbi noted, “If Dick Nixon sniffed glue, this is what his enemies list might have looked like.”

The spreadsheet that King supplied Facebook and Twitter has a huge list of the accounts of Maine voters, and the reasons why he was demanding that Big Tech censor those voters ahead of the 2018 election. Here are some of the reasons King demanded censorship in his favor:
• Liking his opponents’ Facebook posts or tweets
• Sharing positive posts about Brakey or Rinkelstein
• Sharing Herman Cain posts
• “Possible QAnon connection”
• “QAnon troll”
• “Troll, possibly Russian”
• “Super weird”
• “Cat photo as profile picture”
• “Rand Paul visit excitement”
• “Mentions immigration”

King, or his campaign staff, sent the same spreadsheet to both Facebook and Twitter, which is how we know about all the Facebook accounts he wanted to be censored.

Taibbi has posted the entire lunatic spreadsheet of Angus King’s enemies online HERE.

Every Member of Congress takes an oath of office in which they swear to uphold and defend the Constitution. Sen. Angus King has violated that oath, by begging Big Tech companies to censor hundreds of voters in his own state while he was running for reelection. He should resign in shame.