Careful! Democrats Want to Make It Illegal for Your Dog to Live Its Best Life

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LeventeGyori /

Dogs are our best friends for a reason. They love us unconditionally. And, to return the favor, we let them live their best lives. This includes everything from giving them gourmet dog treats to taking them for car rides where they can hang their heads out the window.

Only, that last part may not get to happen any longer.

The Democrats are trying to criminalize a dog’s behavior.

Lauren Book is a Florida state senator, and oh, you guessed it. She’s a Democrat. She decided that it was time to focus on an issue that has been going unnoticed for far too long.

According to her proposed “animal welfare” bill, “A person may not…allow a dog to extend its head or any other body part outside a motor vehicle window while the person is operating the motor vehicle on a public roadway.”

Wow. Forget about the speed limit. Forget about the dog’s happiness. Forget about the fact that it’s not endangering the dog or anyone on the road.

Dogs love to stick their heads out the windows – and they do it voluntarily because it is something that brings them great joy. They can see where they’re going, let their jowls flap in the breeze, and get in all of the smells.

And for one Democrat, that should be criminalized.

It’s clear that she isn’t a dog lover.

Unfortunately, that Florida Democrat isn’t alone. Right now, lawmakers in the state are also focused on “driving while distracted,” and that means that petting your dog while driving could be illegal.

Hmmm. What do you think is more distracting? A backseat full of screaming children or a dog sitting docile on your front seat while you pet it?

Not surprisingly, Book has received a significant amount of backlash – and now she may amend the bill.

There’s really no telling what the Democrats will focus on next.