Jen Psaki Forgets Herself and Dishes on Biden

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We love when people open their mouths without thinking first…especially when they say something out of character.

For the longest time, we had Jen Psaki as the White House press secretary. Her snarkiness and her desire to defend Biden against anything and everything are why we wanted to boot her so quickly from the position.

Little did we know that we’d be left with Karine Jean-Pierre who refuses to answer ANY question that is asked of her.
But now, Psaki is in a new role with MSNBC. And her comments are absolutely on fire.

On Monday, Biden came out of the White House to talk about something important – the collapse of two major banks. He didn’t bother to take questions. He made his comments and left. Smart when you think about it because what answers could he possibly give that would leave any of us feeling better about the collapse of these banks?

Biden told us the “system was safe.” And then he did what he always does – pointed the finger at Donald Trump.

While Biden was making his comments, Psaki was talking on MSNBC about how important it was for the president to make such comments.

What she said, however, makes it obvious that Biden isn’t used to having to actually work.

“President Biden does nothing at 9 AM. The fact that he’s [giving a speech about the bank failure] at 9 AM speaks to how vital the White House recognizes it is.”

Let’s break this down for a moment. Basically, Psaki is letting us know that Biden usually is doing nothing at 9 AM. Not reading through legislation, not meeting with foreign dignitaries. Nothing. Perhaps he’s made it into the Oval Office for a coffee, but that’s about it.

So, because Biden is talking about the banks at 9 AM, we’re supposed to understand that the White House is concerned about the banking situation.

If he’s not a morning person, that’s understandable. Perhaps he’s a night owl.

Nope, because in 2021, she claimed that while many former presidents were night owls who “spent the dark hours reading briefing materials, Biden is more of an early-to-bed type.”

Wow. So, we have a President who is working the bare minimum. It’s been at least a week or so since he’s jetted off to Delaware for a vacay, too – so we can only assume that Air Force One is fueling up in anticipation of one in the near future.