Twitter Files: Factually Correct Stories Suppressed to Sucker Americans into Taking COVID Shots

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rafapress /

Award-winning author and independent journalist Matt Taibbi has released the latest batch of “Twitter Files” in the ongoing reveal of the largest government censorship operation in human history. The latest files prove that government-linked entities were pushing Twitter – now owned by Elon Musk – to censor truthful and factually correct stories about the experimental gene-editing mRNA technology that we’re calling “vaccines” for some reason.

For those who remember, the COVID shots immediately had a horrific side effect profile when the government began its mass vaccination program under Joe Biden. One of the first nurses to get the COVID shot, Tiffany Dover, collapsed on camera. It’s unclear to this day whether Tiffany Dover is dead or alive. No journalist has been able to track her down since she vanished after her spectacular collapse.

The latest Twitter Files batch reveals that multiple government agencies pressured Twitter to censor true stories like this. The government was worried that telling the truth about how dangerous and ineffective the shots were, would fuel “vaccine hesitancy.”

The taxpayer-funded entities involved in censoring true stories about the shots include Stanford University, the Pentagon, the National Science Foundation, the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center, the CDC, the Department of Homeland Security, the Center for an Informed Public, a company called Graphika that is funded by the Department of Defense, the NYU Center for Social Media and Politics, the—holy cow this is a long list!

Basically, the entire federal government under Joe Biden dropped the hammer on Twitter and told the social media company to censor any and all factual information about the COVID shots that might encourage someone to not get vaccinated. The operation was titled “The Virality Project” and it was spearheaded by a former CIA spook.

Twitter, of course, cooperated and censored political speech at the behest of the Joe Biden White House. If this whole-of-government approach to censoring Americans’ speech is not an impeachable offense, then what is?