900 Percent Surge in Illegal Aliens from China at Biden’s Open Border

Ivan Marc / shutterstock.com
Ivan Marc / shutterstock.com

The number of illegal aliens from Communist China has skyrocketed by 900% since the same time last year. The question is, why? Many of these illegal aliens are no doubt members of the CCP’s intelligence agencies, and they’re coming to infiltrate American companies and steal intellectual property. Not that anyone in the Biden regime will admit to this, nor will they do anything about them such as enforcing the law.

In February of 2022, the Border Patrol picked up 55 illegal aliens from Communist China. In February of this year, the number was 1,368 – a 900% increase. In all of the fiscal year 2022, there were 1,176 CCP nationals arrested by the Border Patrol. In the first four months of this fiscal year, there have been 4,366, putting Joe Biden on pace to welcome more than 13,000 illegal aliens from a hostile foreign power into the country.

Not that the Biden administration isn’t keeping a close watch on these Chinese invaders. Oh, wait. They’re not keeping an eye on them.

Fox News reports that busloads of the Chinese nationals are not being dropped off with NGOs in Brownsville, TX. The government shelters are all filled by the millions of illegals pouring in, so there hasn’t been room for the Chinese illegals. Instead, the Biden regime has been dumping them off with notices to appear (NTAs). Which means no one will ever see or hear from them again. Historically, more than 95% of illegal aliens never obey a summons to appear once they’ve been released into the country. Why would they?

The Border Patrol says that illegal aliens from 147 countries have entered the country this fiscal year. More than 1.7 million illegals crossed America’s wide-open southern border in 2021 and 2.3 million in 2022. The numbers for 2023 are on pace to swell even more. Has your rent gone up a lot in the past two years? Spoiler alert: This is why. We’ve run out of available housing after Joe Biden let 4 million illegal aliens into the country.

Last week the Border Patrol Chief, Raul Ortiz, testified to Congress that we’ve lost all operational control of the southern border. It’s bandit country now, under the total control of the drug cartels that are sending waves of illegal aliens to the border. Once the Border Patrol is overwhelmed by hordes of illegals, the cartels then smuggle gobs of fentanyl and other drugs into the country nearby. Ortiz says he completely disagrees with Joe Biden’s decision to stop the construction of the Trump border wall. He probably won’t have a job much longer.

Upon learning that Chinese illegal crossings have surged 900% over last year, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) tweeted, “Now the Biden Admin is releasing Chinese illegals who have come across the southern border. They’re not even trying to enforce the law.”

The Biden administration and our feckless, out-of-touch Congress have now sent close to $200 billion to help Ukraine defend its border against Russia. Remember when everyone in Congress and the media said that $5 billion for Trump’s wall was just way too expensive?

New Yorkers are complaining that the taxpayers there will be ponying up more than $10 billion this coming year for housing and services for Biden’s illegals. This debacle is expected to cost the American taxpayers more than $150 billion per year – and that number can only go up from here. It’s not like most of the illegals can even read, let alone hold down a job in an advanced economy like ours.

Not to worry, though! Our economy won’t be an advanced one for much longer if Joe Biden keeps inviting the enter world here and letting them in.