Oops: Macron Takes off His $86K Watch While Telling French Pensioners to Sacrifice More

Victor Joly / shutterstock.com
Victor Joly / shutterstock.com

Here’s a pro tip for out-of-touch world leaders: If you’re going to explain to the peasants in your country why they need to sacrifice more, after you’ve wildly mismanaged their tax dollars and wrecked their country, be sure that you don’t wear a luxury watch while you’re lecturing them. That’s what French President Emmanuel Macron just did. Then, when he realized that he was wearing a piece of jewelry that costs twice as much as the annual average salary of a French person, he took the watch off in the middle of an interview.

This is too funny!

Macron was in a contentious television interview and explaining to everyone why French people need to sacrifice more to keep the government afloat under his mismanagement. His latest plan is to raise the legal retirement age in France from 62 to 64, rather than doing something sensible like cutting the budget. “Work longer than we promised you would have to, peasants!”

In the middle of the interview, Macron clanks his €80,000 ($86,000 USD) watch on the table. He then puts his hands under the table and starts fumbling around like he’s doing something unspeakable to himself. When his hands emerge, he’s no longer wearing the luxury watch.

By way of comparison, the average salary of a French worker in 2023 is about €39,300 – less than half the value of Macron’s watch. Needless to say, the French people who are being asked to work longer before they can draw a retirement pension were not impressed by how out-of-touch their president is.

Macron, of course, claims that the watch is not that expensive, and the only reason why he took it off was that he didn’t want it to make a clanking noise on the table again. What do you think? Check out the video of Macron removing his €80,000 luxury watch during an interview: