The DA Election We’ll All Be Watching

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One of the reasons that California is in the mess that it is has to do with its LA District Attorney – George Gascon, a man who is backed by Soros and who has a very unique definition of what crime means.

Gascon has essentially ruined Los Angeles. Crime runs rampant while victims pay the price again and again. His soft-on-crime policies usually leave people scratching their heads and whispering “WTF” under their breaths.

Although Gascon will continue to be the DA until at least 2024, there’s hope on the horizon.

LA prosecutor Jonathan Hatami has already announced that he’ll be running in an effort to take Gascon down. And by doing so, it could also allow law and order to be properly restored to the state.

It turns out that Hatami has a conscience and wants to put the kids first.

He recently told an ABC affiliate that, “A lot of DDAs (deputy district attorneys) are really scared. They are sending people to court to monitor what we say. They are working with the public defenders and alternate public defenders to intimidate us and document what we do and say.”

He went on to explain, “I just don’t understand why we’re not trying to prosecute child murderers to the fullest extent of the law.”

You know, we’ve wondered the same thing.

It’s as if Gascon wants to allow child murderers to post bail so they can start preying on more kids. And the same can be true about the rapists, burglars, and others that are constantly being released from jail – and that’s assuming they even see the inside of a cell.

If crime is ever going to be reduced in California, there has to be some kind of deterrent. And right now, Gascon isn’t offering any such thing.

Hatami is sick and tired of Gascon’s antics. And considering that he’s been threatened by Gascon, he’s even gone as far as retaliating by issuing a harassment lawsuit against Gascon – which took place in 2021.

The harassment lawsuit is only one way to fight. The ultimate fight is announcing that he’ll be running against Gascon in 2024 to become the LA County District Attorney.

If Hatami can win, it will be huge. This is the election we should all be tuning in to watch very closely.