American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Proves They Teach History but Don’t Understand It

Yury Zap /
Yury Zap /

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten claims she and other teachers have had enough of the school shootings. Her stance following the most recent school shooting in Nashville, TN is one of the strongest the AFT has taken in years. As opposed to using legislation, she wants the feds to find the “courage” to ban them.

Per Fox News, Weingarten said “Today, we renew our call for common sense gun safety legislation, including a ban on assault weapons. This is an epidemic. It’s an epidemic that our great nation must solve. And how many lives will be shattered before we have the courage to do what Scotland did, what Australia did, what New Zealand did, what other great democracies do? We must solve this epidemic, and that’s up to us.”

Clearing up her statements, Fox News explained “Scotland got the U.K. to ban handguns and Australia issued a mandatory gun buyback program in 1996 of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.”

Currently, the AFT has partnered with “Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund”- a major gun control lobbying group to try and get lawmakers to stand toe-to-toe with the gun lobby. The Brady Campaign is another lobbyist group which the AFT is also trying to borrow some support from. Clinging to a heavily redacted 2018 survey, the group has been pushing the ideology that surveys show Americans as being in favor of a ban on “assault weapons.”

Strangely enough, Breitbart released a survey on February 7th of 2023, where 51% of respondents opposed such a ban. Conducted January 27th-February 1st, the poll talked with 1,003 people to conduct their survey.

What the AFT forgets is the history of gun control across the globe. Back in WWII, Hitler used gun registration to identify and disarm the Jews and many others. This served as the cornerstone for not only his rise to power but also for his conquering of Germany and then France. Given the current leadership in DC, this idea is incredibly realistic.

Despite the short-term memory for how that happened, the AFT also proved how quickly they forget just how crucial firearms are to the US and, consequently, the globe. Let’s face facts; for better or worse the US has become the world police. We are consistently called on to fight for and defend other nations, and our immense supply of firearms is a part of that reason.

Imperial Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto once said, “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Given the number of guns versus people back when he said this, it was a true statement, and it’s still true now. As a whole, the American people see the “necessary evil” behind firearms.

Simply put, the First Amendment allows the American people to question everything and everyone. This includes our government and its decision-making. The Second Amendment is what ensures that nobody can try to take our lives for asking such questions. Much like locks keep honest people honest, firearms keep the government from going too far and driving us into socialism or classism any further than they already have.

The AFT loves teaching students about opposition, enslavement, and the history of tyrannical governments. As it sits, these lessons are a large part of the backbone of history or social studies classes. In every class, at least one person asks the simple question “Why didn’t somebody stop them?” This simple but honest question is never easy for educators to answer because it’s hard to admit.

To prevent tyranny, rough men need to stand trained, ready, and equipped to do rough things. These nations disarmed and belittled the tough man. Then, when he was needed, he was no place to be seen. Now, these rough men are facing that same scrutiny, but have yet to be as directly needed as they have before. Now, the AFT and others have forgotten how much it is a necessity.