A Political Nightmare: Biden Will Decline Invite to King Charles’ Coronation

Popel Arseniy / shutterstock.com
Popel Arseniy / shutterstock.com

Inaugurations. Coronations. Weddings. Funerals. These are all events you should be attending as a world leader. Failure to attend such things can set relations with various countries into a tailspin.

And yet, President Biden has rejected the invitation to attend King Charles III’s coronation in May.

Many insiders claim that Biden is simply “too old” to make the trip.

Wait a second. Too old? He’s 80 years old, so we’re well aware that he’s old. However, he is the President of the United States. He has certain responsibilities – and traveling to various meetings and special events is part of that.

Biden is already set to attend an event in Northern Ireland at the end of April. So, he could easily make the trip to London the following month.

That’s not going to happen. RedState says that Biden’s aides are “cautious about his foreign trips to prevent exhaustion that could affect his ability to carry out his duties within the country.”

Ahh, yes. We want to ensure that Biden is capable of taking care of Americans. Yet, we haven’t seen that in his first two years, so why should we expect him to start now? Biden has taken a very “America second” approach with his presidential style.

To say that Biden is too old to travel is a joke.

He’ll be traveling to Japan for the G7 summit in May.

And there will be plenty of other reasons that he’ll need to travel.

If he’s “too old,” to take care of his responsibilities, he might as well save us all a lot of time and drama by stepping down now. Sure, that might leave us with Kamala Harris at the helm, but at least it saves us the embarrassment of having a president who is too old to travel to see the king’s coronation in England.

Piers Morgan shared his thoughts on Twitter:

Of course, he’s right. Trump would have made the trip. Biden not going will be an international disaster.

The White House refuses to confirm whether Biden has officially turned down the invitation or not. And, unsurprisingly, they are vehemently denying that age would have anything to do with such a decision.

We already know that he’s an embarrassment. But not attending events is going to get us into hot water with foreign dignitaries in the near future.
Now, we have to simply sit back and watch the fallout.