Washington Ready for the Liberal Invasion Once Abortion Becomes Illegal

Pierre Leclerc / shutterstock.com
Pierre Leclerc / shutterstock.com

The liberals who have taken over scenic Washington have completely poisoned the political climate there. As they continue to look out for one another and their selfish misguided “ideals” they perpetually push out the will of the people, and instead focus on their special people. As states prepare for a potential ban on abortion, Washington is now stocking up on birth control that could become outlawed compliments of a ruling in Texas.

Announced by Democratic Governor Jay Inslee on April 4th, there’s an order for 30,000 generic versions of mifepristone, at a cost of $1.28 million to taxpayers. Blessed by the Food and Drug Administration over 20 years ago, the sinners consider it to be one of the “safest” ways to terminate a pregnancy via medication.

Christian groups in Texas decided to bring suit after the Supreme Court decide that Roe v. Wade needed to be overturned, thus making abortions no longer a constitutional right. Presented to President Donald Trump-appointed Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, Alliance Defending Freedom wants FBA approval of mifepristone to be suspended or revoked entirely. They are making the righteous argument that it was approved improperly.

For what it’s worth, Kacsmaryk has claimed he would be issuing a ruling “as soon as possible,” but did not indicate what that timetable could look like.

Yet, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is working against the Texans. Together with multiple other liberal states, they are bringing a case to federal court to ease the restrictions on these baby-killing pills. Filed back in February, the group claims they have evidence that the pills are “safer than Tylenol.” Allegations like these are not only misleading but also are only looking at cherrypicked evidence.

For now, this liberal fairytale will continue to rot America from the inside out. Try as we might, the message of saving people’s morality and their souls are not the “in” thing to do. Rather, people want to live wild, carefree, and immoral lives, and expect the rest of us to tolerate having it shoved down our throats. Not anymore, and God Bless Texas.