Indiana Bans Trans Torture Surgeries and Puberty Blockers for Kids

ADragan /
ADragan /

The governor of Indiana signed a bill into law this week that bans the Democrat Party from conducting transgender torture surgeries and other horrific procedures on children, which the left dishonestly refers to as “gender-affirming care.” Yeah, they care about the kids so much! Indiana now joins 12 other states that have had to pass laws to protect children from the social contagion of transgenderism. Parents were thrilled by the news, but the Democrats and the teacher unions were not.

Senate Bill 480 passed by wide margins in the Indiana state Senate and House. It specifically bans doctors from performing trans torture surgeries and other treatments on children.

Isn’t this a remarkable development? Just a few years ago when Barack Obama was in office, Democrats were terrified to speak out about the horrifying trend of Muslim immigrants performing female genital mutilation (FGM) surgeries on little girls and babies. This was primarily happening in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Maine, where Obama dumped heavy concentrations of Muslims from primarily African countries.

Today, Democrats openly advocate for body mutilation surgeries on children that are far more horrifying than that. The Indiana bill bans procedures with horrifying names like orchiectomies, penectomies, vaginoplasties, clitoroplasties, and vulvoplasties. We strongly recommend against Googling any of those procedures. They’re every bit as bad as they sound.

The new law, which goes into effect on July 1st, also bans prescribing puberty blockers and other nonscientific hormone treatments for children. These drug treatments are untested for long-term effects and are not even approved for the uses they’re being prescribed for. Very few people are willing to say it out loud, but there is a huge likelihood that the Tennessee shooter who murdered Christian children in March was jacked up on testosterone treatments.

Women almost never commit mass shootings, because doing something like that – especially against children – violates their innate instincts to be nurturing and caring. Women who are dosed full of testosterone, on the other hand, are prone to violent fits of rage like you-know-who.

Earlier this week, it was unclear whether Gov. Eric Holcomb (R-IN) was even going to sign the bill into law. He’s a bit of a RINO. He took an awfully long time to “think about” the bill before he finally signed it. A lot of people were worried that he was going to end up waving the trans flag in surrender while making a dumb statement about how it “doesn’t matter who you love.” As if that has anything to do with conducting permanent, life-altering genital and breast mutilation surgeries on kids.

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) praised Holcomb for doing the right thing, tweeting, “A child cannot consent to irreversible sex change surgery, and Indiana will no longer allow children to take dangerous drugs with long-term consequences like puberty blockers and hormone therapies in the name of extreme gender theories.”

Joe Biden’s press secretary looked like she was going to cry when she was asked about Indiana’s new child protection law. Watch her eyeballs quiver in this video as she explains how Joe Biden is super-mad that Indiana will no longer allow trans torture surgeries on little kids: