Trump Caught Handing Kid Rock THIS During UFC Event

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

For Donald Trump, there is no lack of criticism. It doesn’t really matter what he does or says, and someone out there isn’t going to like it. Additionally, they are going to use it as a further excuse as to why he shouldn’t be in politics or the White House.

The latest example of this comes to us from Miami, where he recently took in a UFC fight.

On Saturday, Trump, along with his son, Donald Trump Jr., attended UFC 287. As you can see from a Twitter post from the younger Trump, his father was sitting near the octagon with “Legends” such as UFC President Dana White, rock and roll star Kid Rock, and boxing big hitter Mike Tyson.

And while I’m sure plenty of people would have words to say about this group sitting together, it’s not what has so many up in arms.
That came later, near the end of the event.

In a video posted by MMA Mania on Twitter, it appears Trump partook in a little gambling. The video was accompanied by “Looks like Donald Trump lost a bet to Kid Rock.”

And naturally, some would say it’s not a good look for a presidential candidate.

However, there is room for massive speculation on this.

First of all, the video is nothing, if not blurry, making it hard to decipher exactly what is going on. The only clear thing seems to be Trump handing something to Kid Rock. It is presumed to be money because the video shows Trump reaching back as if to grab his wallet out of his back pocket and the latter placing what looks like money in Rock’s hand.

The movement is all too familiar if you’ve ever lost a bet. A rather begrudging reach around to grab some cash you would have much rather held onto.

But as we can’t hear what either Trump or Rock is saying, there’s no real way to know if the former lost a bet or if he’s simply paying him back for getting him that drink earlier.

The other thing about the video is that you can’t really even tell if it’s Kid Rock who is getting whatever Trump is giving out… That’s how blurry this video is.
In any case, a number of social media users made sure to point out that a man paying off a debt or paying up after losing a bet isn’t a bad thing. In fact, if anything, it proves he’s honest and “a man of his word,” even if it’s just the difference of a couple of bucks.