Trucking Industry Says Biden’s Latest Green Move is a Matter of Life and Death

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oksana.perkins /

In a move that should shock none of us and yet should be equally terrifying, Biden’s leftist administration is now going after the trucking industry. Yes, the system that ensures that most of what you eat, drink, wear, and need to survive makes it to your door.

You’ve all heard about how Biden and his ilk have made it their mission to terminate the energy industry as we know. You know, banning gas stoves, pushing electric cars, and encouraging everyone and their mom to go green and think of the planet.

But convincing you to switch from gas to electric, whether it be your stove, home heating system, or your car, is a lot different than forcing an entire industry that your life depends on to do the same.

But thanks to a new emission standard being put out by Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency, that’s exactly what is happening.

Of course, they claim that it’s a move that will make our planet healthier, that will reduce our carbon footprint, and all that good stuff.

But really, all it does is ensure that you are even more reliant on the federal government – and also that you won’t get the goods and services you need.

To explain is the president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, Todd Spencer.

As he told Fox News, “It’s one thing if you’re talking about this on an automobile. If you don’t get where you’re needing to go quite as quickly as you could, it’s no big deal. There are no ramifications, generally, beyond you.”

Yes, you might miss a job interview or not make it home for dinner on time. Hell, you might not even make it home with groceries on time, causing some foods to go bad or melt or children to go hungry for a bit.

But Spencer is right. There are no major ramifications outside you and your immediate family or needs.

However, for truckers, the story is much different.

“It can mean that they don’t make deliveries, that the goods that they’re transporting don’t get where they’re needing to go, and certainly in many instances people really need to have the stuff that trucks bring.”

And no, we aren’t just talking about all those Amazon packages that most of us really don’t need. What about the trucks that deliver supplies to hospitals and medical facilities? What about the cargo delivered to a small town’s only grocery store? The list could go on and on.

But as Spencer says, all of that could be delayed if not stopped entirely, thanks to Biden’s newest push to go green.

Why? Well, for the same reason that electric cars aren’t all they have cracked up to be.

If you haven’t heard, there’s a myriad of problems with just about every make and model of EV out there.

For starters, EVs cost far more than their gas-guzzling counterparts, making them unaffordable for most Americans. And the same is said when we start to discuss EV trucks, which are mostly owned by small businesses that are already feeling the strain of the economy.

Then, you have to consider the problems EVs have seen with hauling and traveling long distances. Their batteries just don’t last. What takes hours in a gas model can literally take days in an EV, depending on if you’re hauling something, going uphill, traveling through colder regions, etc.

Naturally, this is a major issue for truckers who do all of those nearly daily.

And what happens when your battery dies in the middle of nowhere? It’s not like a truck driver can just hoof it to the nearest gas station, extra gas tank in hand. For starters, charging stations are few and far between in most places…

Then, you must consider all the cargo that the truck may carry.

As Spencer rightfully says, this can very quickly turn into an absolute “life and death” situation for the driver and those awaiting what could be emergency and much-needed supplies.

Of course, Biden and the EPA still want to “mandate” this switch anyway, which brings up a whole other set of issues.