Despite Swift Response, Many Worry Sudden “Accidental” FL Emergency Test Is a Precursor for War

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April 20th or 4-20 is supposed to be a relaxed day for those who abide and enjoy doing a j or unwinding with a toke and a smile. However, someone harshed their mellow before it was time for the wake and bake in Florida. With a “test” of the emergency alert system blaring out across the state, people from all walks of life were blasted awake.

With the Florida Department of Emergency Management coordinating and managing alerts for emergencies like hurricanes and other disasters, their ability to operate efficiently and accurately is crucial for the safety of the people in Florida. Alecia Collins is a spokesman for the agency and provided a statement via email about the incident.

“The division understands that unexpected 4:45 a.m. wake-up calls are frustrating and would like to apologize for the early morning text. Each month, we test emergency alerts on a variety of platforms, including radio, television, and text alerts. This particular alert was supposed to be on TV, and not disturb anyone already sleeping.”

Yet the blaring screens and symphonic sounds were echoed across the state. In homes with multiple cell phones, the slightly off-timed sounds were a reminder of just how in and out of sync the American people are with one another. For those that couldn’t just hit the snooze and pass right back out, this turned into a frenzied game of checking social media and the news to see if they were the only one(s) to experience the message.

Much to their surprise, they were not the only ones to get the message, but to many, this wasn’t just a test of the system, but instead a test of their response.

The markers for a quiet invasion by China have been popping up across the globe. From Chinese President Xi Jinping’s sudden relationship with French President Emmanuel Macron to the recent discovery of Chinese police stations in liberal cities, to their movement of troops to bases in Canada. Given the US government’s mission to hand over arms to Ukraine for them to spend fighting a war of attrition with Russia, it has left a sizeable dent in US security operations.

Given the problems we have had with the infrastructure and ports and surging train derailments of caustic chemicals all thanks to Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, these represent many of the hallmarks needed to overthrow a country and do it in short order. If you control the flood of goods, you control the people. If you can control their information and cellular data you shut them off from their security blankets and force them to panic.

With the US military also at an ever-dwindling size and operational strength, the time for China to try and come after the US is better than it has been in decades. Given President Biden’s predilection towards kissing Xi’s ring at every opportunity, and the bumbling boob he has controlling our transportation, He has handed the country over to the Chinese in the opinion of many Americans.

As we sit and wait to see what will play out with this situation, what is certain is the tipping point will come from the leftists’ favorite ploy, the mass shooting. They have been using it to justify gun registration and confiscation. Given the number of weapons in America being the only true deterrent of the Chinese from coming after the American people, this would prove to be the only thing they would need to decide to move.

Naturally, of course, the mainstream media is keeping this from the American sheeple. They don’t want word of the liberal playbook to become fully public until they have the narrative exactly the way they want it and it’s too late to stop.

This wasn’t an accident, much like everything else it was a carefully planned piece of the liberal cabal and their quest to destroy the US. It should serve as a warning to the entire nation. The Chinese are coming and the government that they already own is asking you to trust them.