Unions Cut Off Macron’s Power as Neo-French Revolution Continues

Victor Velter / shutterstock.com
Victor Velter / shutterstock.com

France has continued going through revolutionary-level protests ever since President Emmanuel Macron cut everyone’s pensions by raising the French retirement age from 62 to 64. The unions are all furious, so Macron is trying to do a whistlestop tour nationwide to tell everyone how wonderful their pension cuts are. The trade unions obviously aren’t falling for the stunt since they keep cutting the stumpy president’s power everywhere he tries to deliver a speech.

Macron hopes his public-relations blitz will turn the French people back in favor of his policies. However, there has been a two-fold strategy to inform Macron that the people don’t want to hear anything he wants to say. First, the regional trade union controlling the electrical grid will shut the power off wherever Macron tries to speak. Then, the crowds will bang pots and pans to drown him out.

President Macron is working to crush workers economically in France, just as Joe Biden and other globalist leaders are doing to their own populations right now. The difference in France is that people are actually protesting Macron’s dictatorial reforms, unlike the placid surrender that we’re seeing here in America.

Macron’s global warming policies, which led to the pension reforms, apparently don’t mean much to him. Macron’s people are towing a huge diesel electric generator everywhere to keep his microphone working during his childishly transparent appearances to counteract the trade unions shutting off his power.

While burning lots of diesel has overcome the power outage problem that Macron has been suffering, he hasn’t been able to overcome the sheer noise of the protesters wherever he goes. He’s gotten so unpopular that Macron has begun jailing Frenchmen who give him the finger at protests. It’s unclear how much longer the French people will put up with the globalist antics of Macron, but they’re obviously much more tired of it than Americans are.