The Murdochs of Fox News Spoke with Zelensky before Firing Tucker Carlson

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A report this week revealed that the head honcho of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, held a private phone call with Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky just a few weeks before he fired Tucker Carlson in an ugly and completely unwarranted fashion. Carlson, of course, was one of the strongest voices in the entire media in speaking out against Joe Biden and Zelensky’s insane war against Russia. Could Murdoch’s conversations with Zelensky have been the impetus behind the most popular cable news host in history being fired?

Semafor first reported the news of the Murdoch/Zelensky call on Monday. Back on March 15th, Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch also held a phone call with Zelensky. The fact that both Murdochs spoke with Zelensky, whose government has called for Tucker Carlson to be silenced, kind of speaks volumes.

“People familiar with the calls” claim that firing Tucker Carlson was never discussed with Zelensky. Does that sound true? Why are there always “people familiar with the calls,” by the way?

While the Ukrainians are denying that Zelensky said anything to the Murdochs, senior Ukrainian officials have made it no secret that they hate Tucker Carlson and want him taken off the air. Because that’s how Zelensky and his dictator government treat dissident voices in their s—hole country.

It’s impossible to think of another single voice in mainstream media on any outlet that has been even slightly critical of Biden’s proxy war with Russia. Tucker Carlson was a lone voice in the wilderness, speaking for millions of Americans who think it’s insane to provoke nuclear-armed Russia into a conflict.

Carlson has pointed out that the US government has sent nearly $200 billion to Ukraine overall in weapons and cash, with no oversight whatsoever. A lot of the munitions and cash are simply disappearing into the pockets of Ukraine’s leaders. Ukraine is the most corrupt nation in Europe, after all.

Carlson has also railed against Zelensky’s crackdown on civil liberties ever since he declared himself a dictator. Zelensky has outlawed opposition parties and thrown their leaders in prison. He’s banned entire television networks in Ukraine, so they only have state-run media like North Korea now. He’s thrown Ukrainian journalists in prison for reporting truthfully about the disastrous war that Ukraine is losing.

Zelensky has gone so power-mad since the war started that he outlawed the main Orthodox Christian religion that is practiced by more than 70% of Ukrainians. Zelensky’s thugs are beating up Orthodox priests and bulldozing churches. Tucker Carlson has been the only person to ask perfectly reasonable questions about all of this.

If we purport to be “spreading democracy” by fighting Vladimir Putin, why are we allied with Zelensky, of all people? How can our government declare America to be friends with a guy who bans the very civil liberties that are enshrined in our Bill of Rights? Why can’t anyone know where the money is going? How come Joe Biden gets a pass for blowing up the Nord Stream Pipeline in the largest act of environmental terrorism in world history?

Why does Ukraine get preferential treatment in terms of taxpayer money, while the people in East Palestine get nothing? Why has the Biden regime rejected two peace offers from Russia, which could have ended the war? Why does Mitch McConnell get away with saying that this insane and reckless war is the most important issue in the world for conservatives?

Tucker was the only person asking those questions, and now his voice has been temporarily silenced. The timing of Murdoch’s call with Zelensky is enough to raise some eyebrows.