Restaurant Owner Has a Message for Leftists Who Don’t Like Her Traditions

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You might not know it, but the leftists of America actually hate the United States and our traditions. Thankfully, even under their obscene pressure, some patriots aren’t willing to fold.

Take the owner of Rainbow Oaks Country Market, Jeanene Paulino, for instance.

If you haven’t heard, she and her establishment, which has been serving the people of Southern California food and drinks for decades now, has come under attack after a TikTok video recorded in her restaurant went viral recently.

In the video, the national anthem is being played on the restaurant’s radio. And true to the national tradition, patrons everywhere suddenly stood up, looked toward the flags displayed on TV screens, and began singing along.

The person taking the video is apparently a rather extreme far-left winger. Not only did she not stand and sing along, but she also posted the video with a comment saying that it was the most “dangerous” thing she’d ever seen. And seeing as TikTok is filled with her fellow anti-American souls, others quickly reposted it, calling it a “nightmare” and adding hashtags such as “#whitepeoplethings.”

Naturally, with the video gaining so much attention, the restaurant and its owner have been called out to supposedly answer for its sin.

However, on a recent appearance on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends First,” Paulino made it quite clear that she would not be intimidated, nor would she be stopping the tradition.

She told the outlet that she wasn’t sorry in the least about the tradition. The only thing she was sorry about was the fact that, apparently, there are men and women in this nation who don’t understand patriotism or what our military service members have sacrificed so much for.
Paulino said, “I feel like, if we take a few minutes out of our day to be grateful for the men and women who have made the sacrifices so that we can stand up and say how we feel, and she said how she felt. And I wish she realized that it’s because of those men and women that made those sacrifices that she’s able to do that without any kind of fear at all.”

To be sure, Paulino isn’t wrong.

Clearly, this woman who posted the video, known as TikTok user paulinappa_0, isn’t thinking about any of that. Does she even understand that if it weren’t for those service members if it wasn’t for those sacrifices and their bravery, she would probably be speaking German, Russian, or even Cantonese? If we didn’t have the brave, we wouldn’t be free, not in the least.

We wouldn’t be free to defend ourselves; we wouldn’t be free to dream or think or say what we believe.

Instead, it seems that all this TikToker wanted was her 15 minutes of fame in the limelight. You know, a little attention. Too bad, it’s all the wrong kind of attention…

As Paulino noted, the tradition of the national anthem is one of her favorite things about her establishments and something she’s exceptionally proud of. She told Fox that when she acquired the restaurant many years ago, the previous owner had actually started it. And she wasn’t about to end it.

“I come from a long line of patriots, so I was thrilled to keep the tradition going. No, we won’t be stopping.”

Besides, if something as simple and as patriotic as the national anthem being sung is offensive to someone, they aren’t one to complain much about sacrifices and feeling threatened, are they?

I mean, how bad can their life be if this is the “most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in.” Clearly, they don’t have a lot of life worries. How “dangerous” is this?

Perhaps the only terrifying thing for this person was realizing that there is a whole slew of real Americans out there who aren’t so willing to give up their values and traditions as the political left wants them to. She just had a face-to-face experience with the end of where the Democratic Party is headed.

So yeah, maybe she is a bit scared.