It’s Easier to Believe in Fraud Because the Alternative is Even Worse

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It’s no surprise that 63% of conservatives still question the integrity of the 2020 election, even two years later.

Many base their disbelief in a fair win on their own experiences at the voting booth, the evidence brought forward by countless eye-witnesses, video footage showing paid mules dumping thousands of ballots at ballot boxes, the statistical improbability of so many split ballots voting Republican for all races except the presidential seat, the shenanigans taking place across all swing states in the early morning hours of November 4, 2020, and the timing of “finding” the exact numbers of uncounted ballots in states Democrats needed to secure a win.

The vote counting was shrouded in secrecy, and video footage was quickly hidden that showed odd deliveries of boxes of Biden-marked ballots. During mysterious early morning shutdowns of multiple locations, convenient yet statistically impossible unanimous votes were “found” for Biden.

There were many witnesses willing to testify, from poll workers to voters and postal delivery personnel, but the cases were not allowed to move forward. Despite the claims from the left, the cases were thrown out due to legal technicalities, not because of merit.

Even if there was not overwhelming evidence of irregularities surrounding the 2020 election, Americans would still believe there was fraud.

But why?

Because the alternative is even worse.

Did over 81 million people wake up on election day and decide they no longer wanted to enjoy successful, thriving, financially stable lives?

The few times now President Joe Biden was allowed out of the basement, he made no secret of his priorities. He proudly claimed he would end America’s energy independence, raise taxes, and confiscate guns from legal gun owners. He vowed to overturn Trump policies via executive order until his pen ran dry, even if they were successful. He promised to open borders and balance student loan forgiveness on the back of taxpayers who had paid their own loans or chose not to attend universities because they knew they could not afford to.

And Americans should know at this point that Democratic leadership leads to escalating debt and tax-and-spend policies that financially cripple the nation and, by default, its citizens.

Voters knew Biden was beyond useless on the foreign stage, there was a controversy tying him and his son to American enemies, and he would push abortion rights as far as he could. They were witness to the quid-quo-pro between then vice-president Biden and Ukraine, documented proudly in his own words.

Even more telling was Biden’s refusal to come out of hiding and actively campaign. When he did, it was very apparent that he was cognitively impaired.

Like his policies or not, very little that Biden has done should come as a shock to anyone, and his steadily declining mental condition is equally unsurprising.

For conservatives, the idea that America would vote for its own destruction in 2020 is more unbelievable than voter fraud. It’s even more difficult to believe that after two years of suffering from the Biden administration’s decisions, and a belief by 74% of Americans that the country was headed in the wrong direction ahead of the midterms, Americans decided to again vote in those who would continue to destroy the country and their financial stability.

The left’s refusal to hear election fraud cases drives the point home. If there was nothing to hide, Democrats would have welcomed investigations to dispel the concerns of election fraud “conspiracy theorists” forever.

Instead, they silenced the opposition with threats and censorship, hardly the actions of a blameless political party whose actions surrounding the 2020 election were aboveboard.

It’s far easier to accept widespread voter fraud than to believe that 81 million people chose to live in financial hardship, failing policies, taxpayer-funded “freebies” for those who did not earn them, the out-of-control psychological assault on our children, and escalating international tension, all delivered as promised by Biden during his limited campaign activities ahead of the 2020 elections.

Trump was not the ringleader of the election fraud conspiracy. Voters understood there was fraud even before the former president publicly denounced the results of the 2020 election. No matter what leftists choose to think, Americans did not need former president Donald Trump’s encouragement to believe there was fraud. They saw it for themselves, and unlike liberals, conservatives can come to informed conclusions on their own without being told how and what to think.

In a choice between a stolen election and stupidity, many Americans choose to believe in fraud.

Because the alternative is even worse; America is irreparably broken and damaged beyond redemption.