GOP Rep Calls for Foreign Aid Moratorium After $200 Billion Sent to Ukraine

Vimaliss /
Vimaliss /

Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is calling for a total moratorium on all foreign aid sent out by the US government, after the official tally sent to the corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine topped $200 billion last week. The unofficial total is probably closer to $300 billion, as corrupt Members of Congress and their family members are believed to be soaking up tons of taxpayer cash as well. Meanwhile, no American citizen has ever been allowed to vote on whether we should be fighting a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine in the first place.

Gosar floated the idea on Twitter last week:
“America has sent over $200 billion to Ukraine despite all of the problems we have here at home. Would you support a total moratorium on all foreign aid?”

Foreign aid has been one of the least popular national expenditures in America since the 1980s. The US taxpayers are now forced to send up to $50 billion per year to countries that hate us, and most of the cash ends up in the pockets of dictators like Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky. Ukraine has now officially received FOUR TIMES as much money on Ukraine as we give to all other countries through the corrupt foreign aid racket.

The response to Congressman Gosar’s query was overwhelmingly in favor of a moratorium. Why do any foreign countries deserve billions of dollars from the American taxpayers, while so many of our fellow citizens here at home are suffering?

How are the people in East Palestine, Ohio doing, by the way? Months after a train derailment turned their water supply into a toxic, chemical soup, the Biden regime has not sent one dime of taxpayer money to help the community. That’s just one example of the disasters unfolding here at home, as Congress and Joe Biden continue to send billions to Ukraine.