Media Keeps Running Photos of White Men after Mexicans Commit Mass Killings in the US

Benoit Daoust /
Benoit Daoust /

Some mainstream media propaganda patterns are so brazenly dumb that you cannot unsee them once they’ve been noticed. Many of the nation’s top newspapers have begun running photos of random white guys whenever a Mexican national commits mass murder. (Gee, where do you suppose they’re all coming from lately?) Here are some of the latest examples of the way that newspapers have been blood-libeling white men after non-whites slaughter a bunch of innocents.

On April 28th, five Guatemalans were slaughtered by a gunman inside a Cleveland, Texas home, the New York Times and the Washington Post sprang into action. The gunman was still on the loose, so neither paper actually gave a description of the shooter. Knowing what the mass murderer looks like when he’s running around your neighborhood might be information that you would want to have, but that’s not how modern journalism works.

While both papers did mention that the shooter had been identified as Francisco Oropeza, neither one mentioned that he is a Mexican national. Likewise, nobody knew Oropeza’s immigration status (he was an illegal). Even knowing that Oropeza was the suspected shooter and that several mugshots were available of him that could have been published, the Times and the Post chose another route.

Both newspapers ran pictures of random white police, sheriff’s deputies, FBI agents, Texas rangers, and bystanders near the crime scene. Here’s the New York Times example. The Washington Post similarly ran multiple photos of white guys. Keep in mind, the shooter was still on the loose as they were running photos of random white guys. There were five dead Guatemalans and two of the largest “newspapers” wouldn’t run a picture of the actual suspect.

Five days later, when Oropeza was captured following a huge manhunt, the Washington Post ran a follow-up article. The accompanying picture had two white FBI agents talking to a white civilian with his back to the camera.

Also in late April, a serial killer with a knife began stalking the neighborhoods around the campus of UC Davis, to the west of Sacramento, California. The serial killer stabbed different random people to death. When he was finally arrested, the Sacramento Bee ran this picture of a blond-haired, blue-eyed college student making emphatic gestures with his hands.

To their credit, the Sacramento Bee took the article down when Twitter users humiliated them. The problem with the article was that the suspected serial killer’s name was Carlos Reales Dominguez. He was a student who had been expelled the previous week before he went on his alleged killing spree. Great job, media! Another mass killing by a Hispanic, accompanied by a picture of a random white guy!

And of course, the Washington Post did the same thing again over the weekend, when Mauricio Garcia killed 8 people in a mall in Allen, TX. All three photos of the story had pictures of random white guys, but no photograph of Garcia.

What’s really going on here?

This is Joe Biden’s hateful rhetoric against “MAGA white supremacists” being put into action. Unfortunately, the supply of white supremacists in this country is far exceeded by the demand. The only people still reading major newspapers are probably Joe Biden voters at this point. By avoiding pictures of the people doing all the mass killings, and instead running pictures of random white guys, the papers are providing comfort to their own audience. Their readers are people who don’t want to have honest and uncomfortable conversations about the explosion of violence in American cities, which is not being carried out by white people.