Biden’s Inflation Is Causing People To Suffer Massive Mental Health Problems

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Americans have long worried about money. For decades now, the concern over keeping up with your neighbors, or even just keeping your bills paid has made it harder than ever to combat inflation keeping many Americans under the liberal thumb and their government support packages to keep their heads above water.

Now, per a new survey from Bankrate, 52% of respondents listed money as the biggest toll on their mental health. By contrast, 42% list their own health concerns and 41% cite current events at the top of their list. A year ago, only 42% listed mental health as their concern. This kind of shift should be incredibly frightening to economists. Especially as inflation stays at 5% and shows signs of going up next month with bank repossessions of cars and evictions of homes continuing to climb.

Breaking things down further, Bankrate asked respondents to specify what helped them choose money as their biggest source of stress. 68% said it was the high prices causing their worry. 60% said paying for everyday expenses left them overstressed, and 56% reported it was the lack of a financial safety note that left them wide awake at night.

Ted Rossman serves as a Bankrate senior industry analyst and gave more depth to the data being reported. “There are several sobering statistics in this report … with inflation at the center of many of these money worries. Despite a strong job market, wage growth has not kept pace with the rising cost of living. Debt has been rising and savings have been dwindling.”

Unsurprisingly, this kind of situation is not sustainable for an economy. Despite pulling out of Afghanistan and largely removing the cost of that conflict, President Biden has found ways to spend more money than ever, and yet he still scratches his head when they discuss the problems with inflation across the nation. In his mindset and complete inability to understand money, he thinks he has been doing a fine job.

As Biden continues to make the economy more disrupted with the invasion of illegal immigrants, things will just continue to get more expensive. As the government is handing out more and more vouchers to pay for things, the supply chain starts drying up with no new organizations to help keep the ebb and flow of our economy. This means we get into a bidding war over goods and services, and ultimately things become more expensive. Our dollar fails to go as far, and the people just end up broke and stressed.

Making the situation worse for the average American is the dumbest decision the President could have made, and yet, he has been more than happy to do so. It means he has to become Captain Saveahoe and offer up yet another government program or grant to save people who are on the edge of poverty.

Yet, that bill just gets passed along to the middle class who are unable to dodge that cost like the upper class. Now the middle class gets drug down just a little bit more, and the lower class gets further from the middle. It’s been this way for ages any time the liberals have any power in our government. It’s beyond pathetic, and it’s time for that to change.

Thankfully, the 2024 elections are getting closer, so for many Americans, the solution to their financial woes and their mental health problems might just be a vote away. It just depends on how willing they are to not only convince their neighbors to get out there and vote but also on how well they can push the conservative message. In 2024, it won’t look so rosy, but it’s a lot better than another 4 years of chronic depression and rampant inflation.