NY Democrats Now Pushing a Vaccine Database to Track Citizens’ Status

Rawpixel.com / shutterstock.com
Rawpixel.com / shutterstock.com

For people who live in the normal parts of America, it is sometimes difficult to judge whether the legislature in California is crazier, or the legislature in New York is. This week, it’s definitely New York. The Democrat-controlled legislature is expected to pass a pair of draconian progressive bills that strip away medical and parental rights, along with everyone’s vaccine privacy.

One of the bills is A7154 (S1531). That bill would create a vaccine database in New York so that Big Brother knows whether everyone has taken the dangerous mRNA COVID shots like good little serfs. Because how else could you punish people for disobeying unless you have their names on a list?

The bill doesn’t say anything else, other than that the government in New York will keep records on who’s vaxed and who’s unvaxed. That makes it feel especially sinister when you think about it. The database itself isn’t the scary part. The scary part is what the government plans to do to unvaccinated New Yorkers once it has identified them.

The other bill being considered is even crazier. AB276 would strip away a parent’s right to choose whether their child gets a vaccine or not. The measure would allow children to decide whether they want to get vaccinated and allows this without parental notification.

We saw a horrible example of this earlier this year when an 11-year-old boy wanted to play football at school. His parents had wisely not consented to let their son receive the COVID vaccine, and the school was forbidding him to play on the team. The boy’s grandmother took him to get the shot, so the boy would be able to secretly play football at school without his parents’ consent. He died of a heart attack the next day.

As if that doesn’t go far enough, AB276 has an even more insane provision in it. When it is signed into law, it will allow children to receive treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) without healthcare providers notifying the parents. This completely bypasses New York’s mandatory reporting law and the federal government law on the same thing.

Whenever a child shows up for STD treatment at a clinic, there is an extremely strong likelihood that the child is being abused by an adult (probably an illegal alien). That is why we have mandatory reporting laws. Healthcare providers and teachers are supposed to notify the parents and, in many cases, the police, when they suspect that a child is being molested. The Democrats are actually pushing a bill that will ultimately protect pedophiles from being caught.

These bills obliterate the rights of parents and New Yorkers. It’s hard to believe that the vaccine cultists are still pushing these dangerous mRNA shots at this point. The shots are dangerous and ineffective, rather than “safe and effective” as the corrupt CDC continues to claim. The first independent study on the vaccines that came out in Singapore in 2021 showed that 30% of teenage boys and young men who received the shots developed myocarditis.

The Swiss study released last August showed that all 777 out of 777 people who received the second COVID shot in the original sequence showed signs of immediate heart damage. A 100% rate!

Parents who chose to not vaccinate their kids with these toxic shots made the right choice. But the Democrats want to take parental rights away when it comes to vaccines. Plus, kids will be getting molested, pedophiles will get away with it, and everyone is going on a vaccine database.

Both bills are expected to pass this week, and then Gov. Kathy Hochul has indicated that she will sign both into law. New York definitely wins the Craziest Legislature Award for this week.