Whistleblowers: FBI Prioritized January 6 Grannies Over Child Predators

Andrii Iemelianenko / shutterstock.com
Andrii Iemelianenko / shutterstock.com

Three whistleblowers who have been brutally retaliated against by the FBI are about to come forward and provide testimony to Congress. The hearing will be held publicly in front of the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government this week. The agents allege that once Joe Biden took over the executive branch, the agency shifted from investigating high-priority crimes like child predators, in favor of targeting and harassing Trump voters.

The three witnesses set to appear are former FBI officials Garret O’Boyle, Steve Friend, and Marcus Allen. All three have been suspended for voicing concerns that the FBI is now acting as the Democrat Party’s secret police to suppress the American people. They’ve also had their security clearances revoked as part of Biden’s illegal retaliation against whistleblowers, who are supposed to be protected under federal law. O’Boyle and Friend were both FBI special agents, and Allen was the FBI’s State Operations Specialist.

The former agents spoke out when they were instructed by their higher-ups to begin prioritizing “domestic violent extremism” cases. This struck the whistleblowers as odd, since there is a noticeable lack of domestic violent extremists in the country, unless you’re talking about Antifa (which the FBI bosses were not talking about). The agents were also instructed to set aside normal investigative procedures when dealing with January 6 cases.

In the most disgusting example of abusive behavior by the FBI, all three witnesses say that they were told to prioritize arresting January 6 grannies over child sex crimes. They were instructed by their FBI bosses that child sex crimes were “no longer a priority.”

The agents are also accusing the Bureau of inflating “domestic violent extremism” cases to fit Joe Biden’s fake political narrative that Trump supporters are the real threat to America. Biden has viciously attacked MAGA Republicans as “white supremacists.” Just the other day, Biden spoke at a black college and gave a commencement address in which he stated that “white supremacy” is the greatest threat to the homeland.

The FBI needs to inflate the number of domestic violent extremism cases in the country because there just aren’t very many of those that exist. The agents who spoke out against this policy know this. All of the agents who are not speaking out about it know it too, but they agree with the policy: Hunt down Trump supporters, pro-life Christians, parents upset at “woke” school boards, and anyone who may have voted against Joe Biden, and label them as terrorists.

One of the ways that the whistleblowers say the FBI is inflating “domestic violent extremism” cases is by counting every January 6 granny prosecution as an isolated incident. Instead of counting it as one incident, in which more than 1,000 people have been charged with misdemeanor trespassing or “parading” through the Capitol, they count it as 1,000 separate incidents. Then, FBI Director Chris Wray appears before Congress and claims, “Look! Domestic violent extremism is on the rise!”

It’s the same with the fake indictment of Donald Trump in Manhattan. The prosecutor chopped up one incredibly weak charge into 34 separate charges, so the media could say, “Oh, my gosh! He broke the law 34 times!” It’s all a political lie.

It’s great that the Committee on Weaponization of the Federal Government is throwing sunlight on all of this corruption. No one wants to live in a Democrat-controlled police state. We’ve seen that before in places like China and the Soviet Union. The question is, what are Republicans in Congress going to do about it? If there are never any consequences for the people in charge of the FBI, the corruption will never stop. Jail sentences are how you stop corruption.