Shrinking Moral High Ground Keeps FBI Agents From Blowing the Whistle on Fellow Feds


Leaks about the way the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) operates here in the US have been a problem since the organization was first formed. Despite multiple layers of protection and people being highly vetted before gaining access to that information, many have still chosen to go in the wrong direction with that information.

When it comes to whistleblowers, these agents are no safer. As Former FBI agent Nicole Parker spoke about with Fox News on May 18th, agents stay quiet because of the “target on their backs,” for their actions.

“I watched it very closely because I was just in their shoes in February when I testified before the same committee. You know, I understand their security clearances were pulled. I don’t know the exact details of that, but I know without a security clearance as an FBI agent, you can’t do your job. When you feel like your security clearance is being pulled because it’s the FBI’s way or the highway, that’s not a good position to be in.”

During her February 9th testimony, Parker discussed how militant the FBI had become, and clearances were weaponized to be used against people. This is a reality that Garrett O’Boyle, Stephen Friend, and Marcus Allen each have faced after raising concerns about the way the FBI was operating. With each of them having their security clearances suspended, they knew how bad the retaliation could get. With no pay or health benefits coming in, they had been effectively retaliated against.

Mind you, the FBI isn’t alone in these actions.

Across federal agencies from the Treasury Department to Fish and Wildlife, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and especially inside the military, whistleblower protections are a joke. These communities are small, and that whole “Six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon” game turns into 4 degrees or less for most seasoned members. As such word travels fast.

These retaliations can easily turn deadly, and while they are rarely picked up by mainstream media, they do happen. When they are picked up though, the country is always left wondering what happened. As Parker explained, that’s because people who are willing to speak up, aren’t the ones who get an option to stay and make it a career.

“There are rank and file agents and I’m telling you there’s current and former employees that feel exactly the same as these whistle-blowers feel that testified today. They feel the same I do. They don’t feel they’re at the liberty to speak up because they need the pension. They’ve worked hard… in their career. They deserve that pension. They don’t want the target on their back. Look what has happened to many people who have spoken up. There’s retaliation. It’s uncomfortable for their families. It ruins their families’ lives. Can you blame them?”

These feelings of ruining your family for doing what is right are something nobody should have to suffer through. While in many federal agencies, there is the letter of the law and then the spirit of the law, both must be minded properly and responded to accordingly. It’s also hard to know what the right answer is versus the “right” answer. Given all of the liberal policies these feds have enforced on them to keep the leftists happy, the whistleblower needs to take special precautions to ensure their safety.

For now, the moral high ground is thinning. The FBI stands on it firmly, and it’s shrinking. Yet, this is a source of embarrassment for the country to endure for years to come. They have broken the trust of the American people, and their actions to protect senior members and their pensions are sickening. Perhaps it’s time to tear it all down. As it stands, the alphabet agencies and feds have made more messes than they have prevented.