Scientists Discover Committed Leftists Are Usually Psychopaths & Narcissists

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New research published in the March edition of Current Psychology proves that it is not your imagination. There really is something very wrong with committed leftists. Researchers at the University of Bern published their results after studying the common markers of leftists that indicate they are frequently psychopaths and narcissists. These psychological markers are not just present in the biggest communist villains in history like Stalin. They’re also present in garden-variety leftist voters.

The study focused on leftwing authoritarianism. The research looked at common markers that committed leftists actually share in common.

One of the markers is anti-conventionalism, which is a total commitment to progressive moral values. We see this all the time in America these days.

For example, everyone agreed for thousands of years that transgender individuals were seriously mentally ill. They suffer from a complex disorder that has a lot in common with schizophrenia and Tourette’s syndrome. Approximately 11 seconds ago, every committed leftist in America suddenly decided that transgender people are holy and must be promoted and shoved down everyone’s throat in an endless propaganda campaign.

That’s anti-conventionalism. We saw a lot of it during the COVID debacle too. All those people screaming at their neighbors at the grocery store for not wearing masks? Those were all committed leftists. They also wanted to arrest those of us who are unvaccinated and forcibly inject us with the mRNA COVID shots in prison camps. They all agreed with these brand-new progressive moral values at the same time, like a bunch of robots that are incapable of thinking for themselves.

Another marker is top-down censorship. All committed leftists believe that the government should be able to censor the beliefs and speech of anyone who disagrees with them. Are we seeing much of a desire from the left to have the government censor people these days? You bet we are. That’s why Elon Musk bought Twitter, although it remains to be seen just how committed he really is to freedom of speech.

Another marker of leftwing authoritarianism is anti-hierarchical aggression. That’s the belief in using violence to overthrow an established hierarchy, such as the system of meritocracy that we used to have in America.

We see anti-hierarchical aggression from the Democrats all the time. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorist riots in 2020 were one example. So is the latest craze of firing white people so they can be replaced by unqualified minorities, even for really important jobs like brain surgery being a commercial airline pilot.

Leftists howled and tried to claw the doors of the Supreme Court open with their fingernails when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. Leftwing violence started with the French Revolution in the 1700s and continues to this day. As the researchers noted, “Left-wingers are more likely than right-wingers to endorse harming or even murdering their political opponents.”

In one particularly frightening statement, the researchers state, “Individuals who endorse aggressive actions to overthrow those in power are more likely to exhibit traits of exploiting others for their own gain, lacking empathy, feeling entitled, being arrogant and manipulative, showing reactive anger, distrusting others, and seeking thrill.”

This explains why so many committed leftists are in office right now. They get their jollies by bossing everyone around, they feel entitled and have no empathy for the American citizens they are supposed to be representing.

The researchers don’t offer any serious solutions to these dangerous findings, however. As a matter of public policy, one solution should be clear to everyone. Committed leftists should never be allowed near the reins of power because they are psychopaths and narcissists.