Act of God Destroys Pro-LGBT Church

AlvaroMP /
AlvaroMP /

To most Christians, the idea of being pro-LGBT is blasphemous. And yet, it seems there are whole churches out there who seem to support such ideology. Well, there’s one less now, thanks to a complete act of God.

The First Congregational United Church in Spencer, Massachusetts, was struck by lightning on June 2. What resulted was a fire that burned the entire building to the ground.

When the fire was first reported, it seemed a rather sad affair, despite hope being offered by a collapsed beam and a standing chimney forming the shape of a cross in the aftermath.

However, in the coming days, it was outed that this church is one that has often supported the LGBTQ+ community. And no, I don’t just mean opening their doors to feed them, provide prayers, etc.

Instead, this church has actually been known to make posts on social media supporting the celebration of Pride month.

In fact, it was shortly after one such supporting move that the fire began and torched their building.

As many would say, it only seems fitting that an act of God, such as a lightning strike, would destroy this church.

I mean, how can a church, a congregation of people who have professed to believe in and follow the Creator’s ways, actually celebrate and support sins the very Bible points out as wrong? As a church, yes, you are called to accept those people, accept and love everyone, and help them no matter what they are or where they come from.

But to support and celebrate Bible-named sins is another thing entirely. And something I don’t imagine God being all too happy about.

Hence the lightning strike, in which no one was injured or killed.