Judge Refuses to Let Crazed Prosecutor Alvin Bragg Seize Melania Trump’s Emails

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

New York prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s office suffered a major setback when a state Supreme Court judge swatted down their attempts to seize Melania Trump’s emails. Judge Juan Merchan shot down Bragg’s ridiculous request on July 7th, although the ruling only became public last week. Since they don’t actually have any evidence that President Trump committed any crimes in the fake Stormy Daniels case, the prosecutors are obviously on a fishing expedition. Fortunately, the judge saw through it and denied their request.

The New York case against President Trump is, like all the other indictments against him, making a travesty of the American justice system. Trump has already been sued in civil court by Stormy Daniels, and she was ordered to pay him nearly half a million dollars in legal fees. Bragg’s case is almost as flimsy as the extortion plot that Stormy Daniels and her shady former lawyer tried to pull against Trump during the 2016 election.

For those who don’t remember, since the media never reports it, Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti tried to extort cash from Trump’s not-very-bright lawyer Michael Cohen right before the 2016 election. Stormy was claiming that Trump had paid her for sex once upon a time and that she’d keep quiet about her story if she was paid off.

Cohen fell for it and took a lien out on his personal home to pay them off. After Trump won the 2016 election, he completely divested of all his interests in the Trump Organization in order to be president. After Trump had divested, Cohen billed the Trump Organization for what he called “legal fees” to cover the money he had stupidly paid to the extortionists. Cohen has stated multiple times, under oath, that Donald Trump never knew about the Stormy Daniels extortion plot or that he had taken out a lien to pay her and then billed the Trump Organization. Cohen has also stated that if he knew anything about Trump that he could have traded for a lighter prison sentence for himself, he would have done so.

Trump never even knew that any of this happened, so there is no reasonable way that Alvin Bragg could legitimately charge Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records. During the civil case that she lost to Trump in 2022, Stormy Daniels admitted on the witness stand while under oath that she’d never had sexual relations with him. It was an extortion plot from the very beginning, and Michael Cohen was dumb enough to fall for it.

Extorting a presidential candidate is illegal, by the way, but no one has ever moved to prosecute Stormy Daniels for it, despite her admissions.

In his crazed witch hunt against President Trump, Bragg’s prosecutors had tried to subpoena all emails between Melania Trump and former Trump executive assistant Rhona Graff. The prosecutors claimed that the attempt to capture the former First Lady’s emails was “specifically tailored” to obtain communications about Donald Trump’s travel itinerary and meetings in the period surrounding the 2016 election.

“This request would yield significantly more responsive records than necessary to achieve the stated goal,” wrote Judge Merchan. “Therefore, the motion to quash the third request as currently drafted is granted.”

Bragg was also attempting to seize emails from 17 current and former Trump Organization employees. The judge swatted down seven of those, ruling that Bragg had not demonstrated a good reason to pry into their emails. The good news is that Bragg’s attempts to prosecute Trump seem to be falling flat. The bad news is that the so-called investigation still exists at all.