Dems Are Trying to Stop T-Swift’s Shows

Brian Friedman /
Brian Friedman /

You’d think the political left would be all about Taylor Swift and her push of leftist ideals both on and off the stage. So why then are they demanding that she cancel her “The Eras” tour or at least all of her already sold out and upcoming concerts in the greater Los Angeles area?

Well, if you haven’t heard, a hotel worker strike is happening in LA. (I know, it seems like all of California is on strike.)

And apparently, California Democrats think Swift should be catering to that strike and hotel workers. Should her concerts go on as planned, hotels will be packed with incoming ticket holders and guests, making life or at least the job of hotel workers harder.

According to the Associated Press, Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis and many more lefties sent Swift a letter saying, “Hotel workers are fighting for their lives. They are fighting for a living wage. They have gone on strike. Now, they are asking for your support. Stand with hotel workers and postpone your concerts.”

The letter explains that most hotel workers in LA can’t afford to live in the city with their current wages, so they are seeking a raise. Unite Here Local 11 represents about 30,000 hotel workers in some 60 hotels in the area.

Perhaps people could afford to live where they work if California lowered its taxes or stopped enacting outrageous policies that make living in the Golden State not so golden anymore.

Of course, they’re not willing to do that.

So, they’re asking T. Swift not to show up, despite the fact that studies have already proven that due to her popularity, her current tour is essentially holding off a recession nationwide. A whopping $590 million is being generated in the US at present due to her concerts and all that goes into them alone. And billions more in sales are expected as the tour continues.

Plus, it’s not likely that Taylor is going to give up those millions just because a few thousand workers in LA are struggling. She might stand with the left usually, but she’s not that devout.