Oops: Mike Pence Just Admitted He Had Full Legal Authority to Turn the 2020 Election Over to the House

Gino Santa Maria / shutterstock.com
Gino Santa Maria / shutterstock.com

Mike Pence has been catching a ton of much-deserved heat on the campaign trail as his doomed presidential campaign fails to gain any traction. Trump-supporting hecklers who understand the Electoral Count Act better than Pence pretends to are calling him a traitor and a sell-out.

In a stunning interview that just aired on Fox News, Pence accidentally said the quiet part out loud. He admitted that he had full authority to turn the 2020 election over to the House of Representatives rather than certifying the illegal votes on January 6, 2021.

When history came calling on January 6th, Mike Pence whimpered and cowered under his desk. He may have even urinated on his belly a little bit, like a scared puppy. We can’t confirm that, but it’s not hard to envision.

It is not some high-level exercise in constitutional scholarship to figure out whether or not Mike Pence had the authority to return slates of electors back to the swing states so they could sort out their elections before certifying the results. Anyone with 15 minutes of free time on their hands can read the Wikipedia entry for the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and figure that out. If you’re into constitutional scholarship, reading the 12th Amendment will also suffice to clear things up.

Mike Pence knows all this. He’s not stupid. He’s just dishonest and disingenuous about it. Pence slipped up during an interview with Martha MacCallum the other day, though. Watch and listen closely as Mike Pence admits that he had the full legal authority to turn the 2020 election over to the House of Representatives.