Biden’s Judge Reinstates NM Concealed Carry Ban

Chayantorn Tongmorn /
Chayantorn Tongmorn /

Everywhere you turn, the liberals have been making nonsensical laws and trying to contort the American way of life into ways to make the nation weaker and more vulnerable to attack. One of their favorite spots to try and legislate is the Second Amendment. They believe much of these gun crimes are being committed by legal gun owners. Instead of firmly punishing criminals and those misusing their tools, they come after the rest of us who are doing things right.

Now On October 11th, Biden’s own US District Judge David Herrera Urias released his decision regarding New Mexico’s Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s ban on concealed carry in public parks and playgrounds would remain. This is part of a multi-step decision. Originally on September 13th, he issued an injunction against her ban against concealed and open carry in bigger NM cities. With places like Albuquerque included, this would only reward criminals who were looking for easy targets anyway. Just two days later, on the 15th, she amended it to say it was only talking about playgrounds and parks.

According to his ruling, playgrounds and parks are considered “sensitive places.” In his mind, this granted them the right to be “excepted from the Second Amendment’s commands.”

It’s an interesting ruling. While an argument can almost reasonably be made for playgrounds, if you look at the incidents that have happened at or near parks, it becomes clear that having a pistol is just a smart move. Being armed and not needing it is far better than not being armed and needing it.

This is why a ban on parks is nonsensical. Many of NM’s parks are inhabited by ample wildlife, and much of it has no problem walking up to people. With no natural inherent fear of humans, they become more unpredictable and pose a greater risk. Again, being armed is a great equalizer.

Rulings from Biden’s judges are preventing law-abiding citizens from being armed, setting known criminals free, and doing nothing to deter crime. So, it’s not a surprise when we keep seeing more crime and higher death rates. People aren’t willing to take the problem seriously and face it head-on. Until they are, we are truly up a creek as a nation.