Fatal Outbreak in Children Came from Mexico

Allison Peltzman / shutterstock.com
Allison Peltzman / shutterstock.com

Thanks to COVID and the insistence of “science” over actual facts, many in the US aren’t exactly all that trusting of the medical industry any longer. However, does that mean every health advisory issued by agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should be discounted?

Doing so to a recent advisory could put your child at risk.

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a slight outbreak of sorts in California.

According to the CDC, between late July and early December, five patients have been treated in southern Californian hospitals for Rocky Mountain spotted fever. I know, five is not a lot. However, this disease, in particular, can be quite deadly, especially for children.

As the CDC wrote in the advisory, four of the five patients treated were 18 years old or younger. And three of those died.

“Children younger than 10 years old are five times more likely than adults to die from RMSF.”

Now, if you know anything about RMSF, you know it’s a bacterial disease that’s typically spread by being bit by infected ticks. Fever, headaches, rash, and even death are all common if not treated. And apparently, the younger the individual, the more deadly the disease is.

As the CDC noted, all five recently treated patients reported developing such symptoms, as well as abdominal pain, shortly after traveling to Tecate, a city of more than 100,000 people located just across the US border from Baja, California.

However, not all five remember “being bitten by a tick.”

Nevertheless, the CDC has issued an advisory, noting that half of all fatalities happen “within eight days of illness onset.”

It is noted, though, that the disease is easily treatable with an antibiotic that has been around for decades now. “Early treatment with doxycycline saves lives.”

Naturally, some of you may be skeptical about any warnings from the CDC, given their more recent history. However, I’m not sure this one should be completely thrown out the window.