Toyota Forced to Knock $40K off the Price of Its New Fuel Cell EV

Sergey Kohl /
Sergey Kohl /

Toyota has gone “all in” on the globalist agenda to eliminate gas-powered cars by 2030. Unlike many of its competitors, however, Toyota has poured a ton of resources into an even goofier global warming toy than the standard electric vehicle. They’ve been building hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, which run on a combination of electric and heavy-duty H2. The Toyota Mirai is a luxury toy that retails for about $68,000, but as of right now, you can purchase one with a $40,000 rebate. There are a few catches to the deal you should know about, though.

The Mirai is truly an engineering marvel. It’s a luxury vehicle that gets 76 miles per gallon of H2 and has a range of 400 miles before needing a recharge. Wow! Just think of how much you’ll be saving the weather if you drive one of those around!

Obviously, the Mirai is only available in California since that is the only state in the country that has hydrogen refueling stations. If you don’t want to live in the worst possible state that there is, it could be a drawback to owning a Mirai. There’s also the fact that many of the hydrogen refueling stations left in California have been shutting down. Toyota has made a huge investment in developing a fuel cell EV exclusively for California—that you literally can’t find H2 fuel for in most parts of California.

Shell has just announced that it’s getting out of the H2 business almost entirely. Six of its seven retail refilling stations have already shut down. The seventh one is not operational because they can’t find parts to repair it, but they’re hoping to find a sucker—a buyer, that is—to take it over.

Shell will still be operating three hydrogen stations in California, but those are exclusively for industry and heavy-duty vehicles. You can’t refuel your $68,000 Toyota Mirai at any of those. With Shell’s closures, it means that there are only 33 remaining H2 stations in all of California.

California’s brilliant idea to invest in hydrogen refueling stations, in conjunction with the Biden regime, has turned out to be too difficult to implement because of California’s regulations. The permitting process just to build a hydrogen station is a costly nightmare. It’s also expensive to build anything in California. On top of that, the parts for H2 refueling stations are extremely fickle and prone to breaking down.

California offered Shell more than $40 million in incentives, though, so the company muscled through and did get those seven stations built. They had help from the Biden regime, which dumped $8 billion—yes, that’s billion with a ‘B’—into this incredibly stupid idea. It seemed like a great idea when Biden first came into office, and H2 was selling for $13 a kilogram. Unfortunately for Shell and the other companies participating in this boondoggle, Biden’s war on energy has driven the price of H2 up by 300%.

It costs $65 to refuel a Toyota Mirai in 2021. Today, it costs more than $200. It started out as a terrible idea to begin with and then the Democrats’ policies made it even more difficult to implement!

Toyota has now knocked $40,000 off the asking price of its luxury Mirai vehicles. You can buy one for about the price of a new Toyota Camry. Even with incentives like that, Toyota is having trouble selling the cars since there are only a tiny handful of locations left in California where you can refuel one.